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Tutorials for learning SQL.
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W3Schools SQL Tutorial - A set of tutorials with coverage of many common SQL commands, including a quiz, quick reference guide, and explanation of data types. Fluffycat SQL - Provides real world examples demonstrating usage of common functions and syntax. SQL Tutorial - Tutorials suitable for beginners through to experts, focussing on commands, table manipulation, functions, and advanced concepts. Steve Litt's SQL Troubleshooting Page - A short discourse on how to analyse and troubleshoot problematic queries. Intro To Structured Query Language (SQL) - A basic introduction to writing queries so that beginners can begin to extract data from an existing relational database. Summarizing data with SQL (Structured Query Language) - A brief how-to on summarising data using aggregating clauses, such as SUM, GROUP BY and HAVING. SQL Tutorial - General tutorials on SQL, explaining the difference between data statements, transaction statements and schema statements, as well as key terms and syntax. SQL Tutorial by Josh Grant - A simple step-by-step tutorial on MySQL, demonstrating basic queries to create, update, insert and retrieve data. SQL Tutorial - A tutorial explaining the basics of commonly used commands and standard syntax. SQL Cheat Sheet: Query By Example - Provides solutions to some common database selecting and inserting/updating tasks. An Introduction to Structured Query Language (SQL) - A series of three tutorials by Pan Pantziarka, focussing on creating a simple database, then querying against it with select queries, joins, updates and inserts. Wikipedia: SQL - A history and overview of the language, including explanations of terminology, usage, and standard syntax. SQL In Simple English - An FAQ presented in a questions and answer form, as if a novice were asking an expert for help. SQL for Web Nerds - A well structured manuscript by Philip Greenspun based on the Oracle database. Queries, transactions, triggers, and RDBMS concepts are covered. Comparison of different SQL implementations - Gives a comparison of various database management systems, including features, query syntax, functions and operators. Beginner SQL Tutorial - A series of tutorials suitable for beginners, explaining key concepts, and providing examples of syntax and use cases. SQL Tutorial - Tutorials explaining the most important clauses, keywords and functions. SQL Tutorial for Beginners - A tutorial suitable for beginners through intermediate, utilising SQL Server 2008 R2, from basic commands through to transactional statements. SQL Tutorial - Learn SQL Online - A blog with various entries on syntax, functions and table manipulation, ranging from basic to advanced. SQL Commands - Explanations on the most frequently used clauses and syntax. SQL Training - An introduction to common clauses and concepts, with practical examples. Tizag SQL Tutorial - Easy to follow tutorials that teach the fundamentals of querying against a database. DreamInCode: Database Tutorials - A collection of tutorials on various aspects of SQL and databases, submitted by experts in the field. T-SQL Tutorial - A series of tutorials and cheat sheets for T-SQL, ranging from beginner level to advanced. SQL on - Provides feature articles, links to tutorials, forum discussions and a chat room.
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