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Clojure is a dynamic, functional Lisp dialect that targets the JVM and CLR, with strong support for concurrent programming.
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Clojure - The official language homepage, with source code, binaries, documentation, community links, news, and wiki. ClojureDocs - A community-powered repository of documentation and examples for the Clojure programming language. Includes a quick reference for the Core language, as well as documentation for the community-provided Contrib libraries. Planet Clojure - Provides a current, aggregated feed of Clojure content from the language's contributors and programmers. Incanter - An R-like platform for statistical computing and graphics using Clojure. Software, documentation, tutorials, and community links are provided. Learn Clojure - An organized collection of learning resources for Clojure, including instructions for development environment setup, videos, tutorials, books, and community links. 4Clojure - An online learning resource for the Clojure language, enabling users to try over 150 problems of various difficulty at their own pace, and share solutions with other learners. The Clojure Toolbox - A categorised listing/directory of libraries and tools for the Clojure programming language. ClojureScript - ClojureScript is a dialect having most features of Clojure, that compiles to JavaScript. Provided here are documentation, tutorials, and code. Try Clojure - Provides an interactive Clojure shell via your web browser, to try out the language with immediate feedback. Clojure for the Brave and True - A free, extensive online book for newcomers to the Clojure language. Clojure Cookbook - The free/open-source home of O'Reilly's Clojure Cookbook, with all code and most text from the printed book. Grimoire - Community Clojure Documentation - An online dynamic cheatsheet for the Clojure language, including search and examples.
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