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Xb2.NET for xbase++ - An object-oriented Internet library for Xbase++. Includes classes for TCP/IP socket communications, HTTP, SOAP, SMTP, POP3, FTP. [Commercial] Extrasensory Software - Tools for Clipper programmers including Telepathy, Faxual II, Mr. Edit, PS Error, Faxual.lib and BroPlus. Clipper Tool Producers - Lists all known producers of CA-Clipper third party products, with address, phone, fax, email, web site. SQLExpress for Xbase++ - Links, downloads and articles for Xbase++ and Clipper developers. Also the homepage of SQLExpress; an object-oriented library for Xbase++ that provides easy connectivity to SQL and ODBC data sources. Computer Associates: Clipper forum at Tek-Tips - Clipper technical support forums and mutual help system for computer professionals. HbIDE - Documentation about IDE for xBase development focusing mainly on Harbour. xHarbour - Community version of xHarbour which is a fork of Harbour compiler with aggressive enhancements breaking compatibility with Clipper. Manos Greek Clipper Page - Clipper free libraries to handling help files and emulating OOP. Karl´s VO Site - Software developments with CA Visual Objects by Karl-Heinz Rauscher. Advantage Database Server - This RDBMS brings the concepts of client/server technology to new and existing PC database applications developed with xBase platforms. Computer Associates Products Version Information - Version information for all CA and Nantucket Clipper versions.
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