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Chipmunk BASIC - An old-fashion BASIC interpreter for the Macintosh. BASIC programming resources. FreeBASIC - A 32-bit BASIC compiler, with the syntax the most compatible possible with MS-QuickBASIC, that adds new features such as pointers, unsigned data types, inline-assembly. [Open-source, LGPL] Full Moon Software - offers add-on products and utilities for several Basic languages for DOS. The entire catalog and some demo programs are available for download. MoonRock compiler - A free compiler for a Basic-like language, with QuickBasic source code. Gambas - A graphical Basic language for Linux with objects and plug-ins. WarkenSoft Productions BASIC Homepage - WarkenSoft Productions is dedicated to bringing quality BASIC programming to the WWW. wxBasic - A free, Open Source Basic interpreter for creating portable GUI applications in Windows and Linux. Can create stand-alone executables. Win32 PS2 YaBasic Port - Contains executable to allow you to run PlayStaion2 programs programmed in YaBasic as well as links, FAQs and sample programs. [Open Source] X11-Basic - A BASIC shell script interpreter for UNIX/Linux with full X11-Graphics support. [Open source, GPL] Basic-like Language Alternatives Compilers - A list of basic-like languages for Windows and Linux which can compile to stand alone EXEs files. NBASIC - A BASIC interpreter designed to mimic the operation of 8/16bit microcomputers of the early 1980's like the Tandy Color Computer, Apple IIe, Commodore 64, Texas Instruments TI-99/4A. PICBASIC - The official UK PIC Basic Compiler web site. Lemick - A project to make a programming language similar to those traditional Basic implementations but with all the attributes of the modern programming tool. Current version is a bytecode compiler and interpreter/JIT compiler implemented in pure C with flex (scanner) and bison (parser). BASIC Programming - A compiler author's thoughts on programming in BASIC. Just BASIC - A free version of BASIC for Windows. Supports creation of standalone programs. Ubercode - Windows programming languages Ubercode, a BASIC-like language, and Visual Fred, a VisualBasic-compatible language. thinBasic - Windows BASIC-like script interpreter for Windows versions with Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher. Developed in Power Basic. Raiders of the Lost Altair BASIC Source Code - Reporting on the lost Altair BASIC source code [The Register] Hitchhikr SoftWorks - MBasic - A fast Basic interpreter for Windows consoles platforms based on Sylvain Bizoirre's Mini Basic language. Assembly sourcecode is included. FreeBASIC Beginners Guide - Offers updated versions of the book "A Beginner's Guide To FreeBASIC" by Richard D. Clark and Ebben Feagan in PDF and ODT formats. SheerPower 4GL - Includes an IDE, extended BASIC syntax, built-in database engine, built-in email and Internet functionality. HTBasic - BASIC for Windows, Linux, HP-UX and DOS. MS Office integration. GPIB and GPIO interfaces. VXI solutions. HP 700 add-ons. By Tech Soft GmbH. Proton BASIC Compiler - Make programs for PICmicro without having to learn the relative complexity of assembly, or opacity of C. Crownhill Associates, Ltd. [Free and commercial versions]
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