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There are no physical MIX computers, yet. MIX is a hypothetical, instructional computer construct, a virtual computer in a book, invented and intended to teach fundamental and low level computer programming, via algorithms. MIXAL is an acronym for MIX Assembly Language, an instructional language, for use with the MIX computer. MIX and MIXAL were first defined in Donald Knuth's highly influential and acclaimed: The Art of Computer Programming (TAoCP), Vol. 1: Fundamental Algorithms, Addison-Wesley, 1973. The books in the Art of Computer Programming series are widely viewed as the most important computer programming texts ever written. All programming examples in the series are written in MIXAL. MIX is an example of an old style CISC (Complex Instruction Set Computer) processor, and is somewhat dated. Knuth is replacing the MIX architecture with a modern 64-bit RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) variant named MMIX, and new language named MMIXAL. While this all started as a book, a growing body of software implements MIX emulators, MIXAL, and MMIX. Interest in this topic is growing. Someday will there be physical MMIX computers?
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GNU MDK - MIX Development Kit, emulates MIX, MIXAL; with compiler, virtual machine, GUI, Guile interpreter, Emacs mode, Elisp program to run programs in Emacs window. Dan's MIX Simulator and MIXAL Compiler - Assembler and interactive simulator in HTML and JavaScript; runs in web browser. For use if you are in haste to try MIXAL, or must code without installing an emulator. Expandable MIX Emulator: EMIX - For Windows 9x-Me/NT-2000-XP, needs 16 Mb RAM, 500 Kb HD space, coded in C/C++ Builder. MIXAL - Eric Raymond's MIX Assembler and interpreter; downloads: readme, source tarball, HTML rendering. MIX Simulator and Assembler - MIX/MIXAL in C with Lex and CWEB documentation, in full Literate Programming style. Virtual Hardware for MMIX - Brief satiric article, seemingly from 2009 Scientific American; some downloads: True Color MMIX display for X11, MMIXX Distribution, screenshots; links. Status of the GNU MMIX Tools - GCC port of MMIX with tools, instructions to install, downloads, several links. MixNet - MIXAL compiler for Microsoft .NET framework. Emits .NET executable files. Source code is C#. Public Domain. MMIX 2009: A RISC Computer for the Third Millennium - Donald E. Knuth's new 64-bit processor for the new volumes of his landmark series 'The Art of Computer Programming'. MIX has become more than only a book example, so MMIX should too. Description, news. MIX - Growing article, with links to related topics. [Wikipedia] MMIXware: A RISC Computer for the Third Millennium - By Donald E. Knuth, editor; Springer-Verlag, 1999, ISBN 978-3-540-66938-8. Book on MIX replacement MMIX, all example programs written in CWEB; full text online.
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