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This category contains information about parallel programming languages, including extensions to existing sequential languages as well as completely new languages. Message-passing libraries that allow writing parallel programs in a normally sequential language are listed in Computers/Parallel_Computing/Programming.
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Charm++ - An object-oriented portable parallel language built on top of C++. Source code, binaries, manuals, and publications. ZPL - An array programming language. Sample code, papers, recipes, reference manual, and source code. Mentat - Object-oriented parallel language based on C++. Documentation, source code and binaries, and sample programs. NESL - A functional parallel language. Tutorial, source code, algorithm library, animations, and reference manual. JavaParty - A minimal extension to Java easing distributed parallel programming of cluster computers. A source code transformation automatically generates a distributed pure Java program based on RMI or KaRMI. PARLANSE - A parallel programming language supporting symbolic computation on SMP workstations. Z++ - An extension of C++ to platform-free distributed computing. It enhances C++ with invariants, threading, database, GUI and conponent-oriented design. Z++ virtual processor supports the entire language on many platforms. Parallaxis-III - Structured language for data-parallel programming (SIMD systems), based on sequential Modula-2, extended. Source code, binaries, sample code, documents. Unified Parallel C at George Washington University - Community site: projects, news, FAQ, documents, publications, tutorials, forum, mail list, work groups, events, downloads. Acute - Experimental high-level language for distributed computing, focus: typing, naming, version change; designed, formally specified, implemented; extends OCaml core to support distributed development, deployment, execution, type-safe interaction between separately-built programs. The Cilk Project - A language for multithreaded parallel programming based on ANSI C. Source code, manual, papers, and research into parallel chess programs. Unified Parallel C: UPC - Extensions to C to support distinctions between local and shared data structures, and pointers to them; for high performance computing on large-scale parallel machines, uniform programming model for shared and distributed memory. The SR Programming Language - Synchronizing Resources is a language for writing concurrent programs. Source code, mailing list archive, and documentation.
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