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Amarok - Music player and manager with support for cover art, integration, and QtScript plugins. Site includes forum, downloads, help and support, and developer information. [Cross-platform] Ardour - A multichannel digital audio workstation. (C++) [GNU/Linux, Mac OS X] Open Sound World - Open-source programming environment that allows musicians sound processing in response to real-time control. Site contains downloads and documentation. [Cross-platform] orDrumbox - Real-time drum machine and audio sequencer. Site contains online demo, full download, and user manual. (Java) [Cross-platform] Ubuntu-Studio Project - Contains information for musicians wishing to use Ubuntu-Linux as their Digital Audio Workstation. VortexBox - Turns a computer into an easy to use music server/jukebox by automatically ripping CDs to FLAC and MP3 files, ID3 tagging the files and downloading the cover art. Also able to serve the files to a network. Based on Fedora GNU/Linux. Buzé - Tracker designed as a drop-in replacement of Jeskola Buzz. Site includes downloads, forum, and screenshots. [Windows] Aldrin - A tracker written in Python, designed to be very similar to Jeskola Buzz. Site includes forum, screenshots, bug tracking and source-code download. [Linux] iRadeo - Mp3 streaming application for integration with websites. Site includes help and downloads. (PHP) Exaile - Music player which supports album art fetching, submission, and plugins. Site includes forum, downloads, screenshots, and themes. (Python) [Linux] LAME - Open-source mp3 encoder meant as an educational tool. Site includes development information and project history. [Cross-platform] Snd - Sound editor modeled after Emacs and can be customized and extended using either Guile, Ruby, or Forth. Site contains source code and a user manual. [Linux] Hydrogen - Drum-machine for creating patterns-based music. Site contains project news, downloads, example music, forum, and screenshots. [Linux] Speex - Lossy audio codec optimized for speech. Site contains comparison with other codecs, downloads, and a directory of software which uses Speex. [Cross-platform] LameDropXPd - Mp3 encoder which reads FLAC and Ogg Vorbis files. Site includes download for binaries, source code, and old versions. [Windows] Audacious - Audio player with support for many formats, and it has support for third-party plugins. Site includes screenshots, developer information, feature list, and downloads. [Linux] aTunes - Audio player and organizer, with a tag editor, and ability to rip Audio CDs. Site includes screenshots, forums, a help wiki, and downloads. (Java) [Cross-platform] Open Song - Application to manage lyrics, chords, lead sheets, overheads, and computer projection. Website includes additional packages such as song, background and language packs, documentation and a support forum. (REALbasic) [Cross-platform] Coolplayer - Media player which supports skins and plugins. Site includes downloads, plugins, skins, forum, and developer information. (C) [Windows] Traverso DAW - Audio recording and editing suite with support for CD mastering and non-linear processing. Site includes screenshots, downloads, developer information, and forums. (C++) [Cross-platform] pulpTunes - A web server for streaming music from iTunes over a network. Site includes downloads, forums, demonstration server, and project information. [Cross-platform] JBuzzer - Triggers audio samples (*.mp3 and *.wav files) by pressing a key on the computer keyboard. Site includes screenshots, downloads, and developer information. (Java) [Cross-platform] HarddiskOgg - On-the-fly encoder for recording analog audio sources (i.e. line-in or microphone) directly to Ogg Vorbis/Wave/MP3, featuring auto-normalization and command line support. Site includes news, screenshots, forum, and downloads. (C++) [Windows] MuseScore - Music composition and notation software. Site includes downloads, screenshots, manual, forum, and development information. [Cross-platform] Mixxx - The DJ software for performing live mixing supports many DJ MIDI controllers, BPM estimation, vinyl control, and skins. Site includes news, downloads, screenshots, and support information. [Cross-platform] PyTone - Curses based jukebox system with support for id3 tags and playlists. Site includes screenshots, feature information, installation instructions, and source-code download. (Python) [Linux] MP3 Diags - MP3 analysis tool that also includes file correction and tag editing. Site includes downloads, screenshots, user manual, and development information. (C++) [Linux, Windows] Cog - Audio player featuring playback of multiple formats, tags, and scrobbling. Site includes downloads, feature list, screenshots, forum, and development information. [Mac] Play - Audio player with support for many different file formats,, replay gain, and metadata editing. Site includes downloads, screenshots, and developer information. [Mac] Open Cubic Player - Module sound player with a console interface. Site includes source code, screenshots, and project information. [Linux] MP3 Book Helper - Provides Mp3 and Ogg Vorbis tags editing and file renaming functions. (Delphi) [Windows] Jajuk Advanced Jukebox - An application that organizes and plays music, geared towards advanced users with large or scattered music collections. A user manual, an online demonstration and support forums are provided. (Java) [Cross-platform] Nightingale - Forked from Songbird, features support GNU/Linux support. Add-ons list, support forum, wiki. (C++) [Cross-platform] Ninjam - Music collaboration software for having realtime jam sessions over the Internet. Site includes description, software download (with source code), forum, and servers for collaboration. (C++) [Cross-platform] Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) - A patent-free lossless audio codec with utilities for editing meta-data. Site includes utility downloads, comparison with other codecs, and links to things that use FLAC. [Cross-platform] Ampache - Open Source, web-based audio file manager and player. Site includes bug-tracker, support wiki, downloads, and a live demo.(MySQL and PHP) Ecasound - Command line tool designed for multitrack audio processing which can be used for tasks like audio playback, recording and format conversions as well as mixing and signal recycling. Includes documentation and links to third party graphical user interfaces. (C++) [Cross-platform] Linux MultiMedia Studio - Audio workstation for creating digital music. Site includes demo songs, screenshots, downloads, a wiki, and user created songs. (C++) [Cross-platform] Audacity - Audio editor for recording, slicing, and mixing audio. Site includes help, downloads, and developer information. (C++) [Cross-platform]
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