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Computer Music and Audio software that is specific to Linux
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Mixxx - Open source DJ mixer. MusE - MIDI/Audio sequencer with recording and editing capabilities. xmp: Extended Module Player - Open source (GNU GPL) portable module player for Unix or Win32. Rosegarden - MIDI sequencer and notation editor for Unix-like systems. Aumix - Adjusts an audio mixer. X and ncurses interfaces. SoundTracker - MOD tracker for X, similar to FastTracker. Includes a sample recorder and editor. GLAME - Free and extensible Linux/Unix audio editor. GNU licence. XMMS-SID SIDplay Plugin - Plug-in for playing Commodore 64 music (SID tunes) with XMMS. Requires libSIDPlay library (link given). Sound Processing Kit - An object-oriented class library for audio signal processing. ZynAddSubFX - Synthesizer with two engines, realtime polyphonic, Midi support, microtonal capability, effects. Baudline Signal Analyzer - Realtime signal analysis and spectrum analyzer tool. CoverViewer XMMS Plugin - Displays covers or images related to songs. Internet cover retrieval facility. Handles tagged files, CDs, and streams. TiMidity++ - MIDI player, converter to wav. Uses Gravis compatible patches and can play these through soundcards lacking their own patches. PyKaraoke - CDG/MP3+G karaoke player. Can search inside Zip files. Gnome Wave Cleaner - An audio cleanup tool for GNOME. Handles WAV, MP3, and Ogg. Cdgtools - Suite of tools for handling CD+G karaoke disks and files. GramoFile - Assists in moving gramophone records onto CDs. Filters out hiss and pops. Rakarrack Guitar Effects - A guitar effects processor intended to be simple and easy to use. Features effects like distortion, echo, chorus and wah-wah, and integrates a MIDI converter. Detailed documentation is offered. GNU Lilypond - Creates beautiful music notation from text input. Outputs PDF, Postscript, SVG or MIDI files. GNU license. Quod Libet - Audio player based on GTK+ written in Python, lets users make playlists with regular expressions and provides advanced tag editing features. BEAST/BSE - GTK+/GNOME based front-end to BSE framework to simulate audio synthesis and tracking composition. Audio File Library - An API for accessing a variety of audio file formats.
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