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A search engine is a web site connected to a database that catalogs other Web sites. It will search the actual text of other web sites. A computer search program, or spider, follows links on web pages to regularly and automatically rebuild this database.
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Amfibi - General search engine which includes its own index of websites. Wotbox - Search engine with country specific searching. Options to display country flags, and include preview and translation features. Sponsored links appear in panels separate from the main results. Scrub The Web - Search engine with sponsored links at the top of results. Also offering a meta tag builder and analyzer. SearchHippo - Indexes sites listed in the major internet directories. Offers free web services, including a search toolbar, and code for webmasters to provide search boxes on their sites. Entireweb - The English-language version of a Swedish search engine with a clean interface and large database. Mojeek - Search engine with a clean interface and no advertising, no tracking. Also offers business solutions. FactBites - A cross between a search engine and an encyclopedia. The results return complete, informative sentences about the search topic. Related topics are suggested. Lexxe - Processes natural language queries and delivers results in clusters by topic. Queries can be keywords, phrases or short questions. Mahalo - Human compiled and edited search engine. Cluuz - Web search engine featuring semantic cluster graphs, image extraction, and tag clouds. Spiderline - Results with thumbshots of the sites. HotBot - Offers Lycos services including searching. DuckDuckGo - Provides a clean interface together with a no-tracking privacy policy. Offers keyboard shortcuts to navigate and zero-click information sources displayed in the search results. Apexoo - Indexes the front page content of the sites which are listed in its directory. Active Search Results - An independent search engine with its own spider and page ranking algorithm. Privatelee - Non-tracking search engine pulls in results from Google and Bing. Includes infinite scrolling and WOT rating.
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