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Retrocomputing is the use of computer hardware generally judged obsolete. One example would be to use a Cambridge Z88 or a Tandy Model 100 to do your work instead of the latest Pentium, multimedia laptop. Some people have no use for or can't afford a modern computer and choose to work on older computers instead. If you use the computer only do do word processing perhaps you are satisfied with an Amstrad PCW. A related subject is retrogaming and abandonware. It's a bit different and seems to be mostly based on wanting games based on good gameplay instead of effects.
Sites [ Submit ] - A historical timeline on computers dating back to 1970. The AT&T Unix PC - AT&T 3B1/7300 Unix PC information archives. Eric Smith's Retrocomputing page - This is a veritable "home museum" covering the personal computer from the PDP-11 and the IBM 5100 onwards... Retro Review - Retro computing magazine. Vector Graphics Terminals - Information about storage tube vector graphics terminals, with examples from a private collection. The Old Computer - Dedicated to all aspects of retro computing, old computers, games consoles, handhelds, games and watches. Retrocomputing Archive - Software for classic computer systems. Mattel Aquarius Homecomputer - All about the Aquarius computer by Mattel Electronics / Radofin with technical information and links. PERQ Workstations - All about PERQ workstations. Apollo Domain OS - Offers an archive of information including patches and jumpers for users of this operating system. - A Finnish collection of around 200 classic computers and game consoles, with information articles, links and even some fun. - Non-profit organization serving the online community by providing old versions of various programs. The Official IMSAI Website - Vendor of the original 8080-based microcomputer. They still sell parts and are releasing a more modern release, the IMSAI Series 2, compatible with CP/M and ZS-DOS. Erik S. Klein's Vintage Computer Collection - A virtual computer museum representing Erik Klein's personal collection of historical computers. The site features computer history, pictures and a message board. Obsolyte - Obsolete and Elyte! - A website about the old workstations, focusing on unix systems. The only known archive of material. Thomson MO5, MO6 and Olivetti PC128 - Downloadable games and programs with screenshots, cover art, and documentation. - Contains historical information as well as collector links. Theo Engel - Software for Honeywell Series 16 bit minicomputers. DDP-116 DDP-516 and H-316 / H316. Yahoo! Groups: mattelaquarius - A place to discover, chat about and just get general information on the Mattel Aquarius home computer. retroComputingTasmania - Exploring retro computing (hardware, software and experience) in a Tasmanian context. Heathkit Computers - Heathkit and Zenith 8-bit computers and non-IBM compatible systems, like the H8, H11, H89, and H/Z-100. Includes information, software, manuals, catalogs, and an H89 emulator. Sell My Retro - Trading and auction site dedicated to retro computer hardware, software, and accessories. Photos of early computers: years 1950-1975 - Over 16,000 photos and descriptions of retro to antique computers and components. Site is in French, but offers an English translation. The Restart Page - Emulates the rebooting of several vintage operating systems. Bricks and Beams eCrater Store - Selling a wide variety of vintage computing hardware and software. From classic Apple IIGS computers to Wordperfect 5.1. Zusie the Relay Computer - Zusie is a computer built almost entirely out of relays. It is inspired by the work of Konrad Zuse in the 1930's.
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