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A collection of materials relating to the history of computing.
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BESM-6 Nostalgia Page - Information about the late Soviet mainframe computer BESM-6, the last original was dismantled in 1995. PC - History - Devoted to the history of the PC, covers all types of personal computers from 1970 to present. Charles Babbage Institute - CBI is a research center dedicated to promoting the study of the history of computing and its impact on society, and preserving relevant documentation. The Burroughs B-205 Computer - A mixture of science fiction and fact concerning the B205. Blinkenlights Archaeological Institute - The Institute was established in 1997 to excavate, preserve, research, and present interesting and historically significant computing devices. The SWTPC Computer Documentation Repository - Documentation for the SWTPC computer line. John Elliott - Dedicated to computers and/or operating systems which some might describe as obsolete. The Oldskool PC Shrines - Honoring personal computing in the 1980s. Retro Computer Gallery - Collection of pictures of old computers, consoles, handhelds and magazines. Enigma Replica - Shows all processes involved Building a replica of the German M4 Naval Enigma. The Computer Closet - Rescues classic microcomputers and video games from the junk heap. Mechanical Aids to Calculation - History on the first automatic totalizer by Sir George Julius, mechanical aids to calculation - extracts of a paper presented to the Institution of Engineers Australia in 1920.
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