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A SCSI expander is a device that allows the user to expand the capabilities of the SCSI bus for certain applications. These applications include mixing of single-ended and differential interfaces, extending cable lengths to greater distances, isolating bus segments, adding more devices than the usual 8 or 16 and dynamic reconfiguration of SCSI components. Per Section 10 of the EPI document of the SCSI-3 specifications, Simple Expanders do not occupy a SCSI ID and are invisible to the protocols. Simple Expanders are "devices" in the SCSI sense. Bridging Expanders have SCSI IDs on all ports and participate in SCSI arbitration and messaging. They are "SCSI devices" in the SCSI sense. Again per the EPI, there are homogeneous expanders and there are heterogeneous expanders. Homogeneous expanders have the same type of bus segment on both sides - in other words, they do not perform a bus conversion such as SE to HVD. Used to expand the total length of SCSI cabling allowed in the SCSI domain or to provide isolation between SCSI bus segments. A heterogeneous expander has a different type of bus segment on both sides, such as a SE to HVD converter. They are used for signal conversion and provide isolation between bus segments. Any expander having the multimode LVD/MSE interface may become either a homogeneous or a heterogeneous expander. So if the product you need to submit fits the above description and the company is a Manufacturer of the product, then this is the correct category.
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Paralan - Manufactures extenders and converters for LVD/MSE, HVD and SE SCSI also includes Fiber Optic, ASICs design and cables.
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