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SCSI is a "stand alone" independent communications channel. It can work with any operating systems such as Unix and all its versions, Microsoft Windows and so forth. It is the channel of choice. Many motherboards now are being designed to incorporate SCSI. It's an intelligent peripheral I/O interface with a standard, device independent protocol that allows many different peripheral devices to be attached to the host's SCSI port. Allows up to 8, 16 or 32 addresses on the bus depending on the width of the bus. Devices can include multiple hosts (initiators) and peripheral devices (targets) but must include a minimum of one of each. SCSI provides a high-speed, intelligent interface that allows an easy connection for up to 16 devices (8 devices for Narrow SCSI) on a single bus. These devices may be hard disks, floppy disks, CDs, tape drives, printers and scanners to name a few. Peripherals may be mounted in the computer or in an external enclosure. Total SCSI cable length is dependent on the type of SCSI. For more information see SCSI-1 X3.131-1986.
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STA - The SCSI Trade Association - Small Computer System Interface, an official industry standard for 12 years. Helps educate OEM's, resellers and IT professionals about SCSI, one of the industry's most widely adopted I/O interfaces. Also helps shape the future of SCSI to ensure performance and compatibility. SCSI Common Codes and Values - Informative summaries for several of the more commonly used codes and coded values are included as annex information in the SCSI Primary Commands - 2 (SPC-2) draft standard. SCSI-3 Standards Architecture - Chart reflects the currently approved SCSI-3 project family. All projects are in T10, except Fibre Channel is in T11 and 1394 is in IEEE. T10 Home Page - The technical committee of the National Committee on Information Technology Standards. NCITS is accredited by, and operates under rules that are approved by, the American National Standards Institute. On-Line Extraction of SCSI Disk Drive Parameters - This report describes a suite of general-purpose techniques and algorithms for acquiring the necessary data from SCSI disks via the ANSI-standard interface. (choose a download format) IP-Over-SCSI - The purpose of IP Over SCSI is to connect two or more computers with SCSI interfaces using the IP protocol. The Linux SCSI (sg) Generic HOWTO - Describes the SCSI Generic driver (sg) found in the Linux 2.4 production series of kernels, focusing on the interface and characteristics of the driver for application writers. Webopedia - SCSI Information - An online encyclopedia and search engine dedicated to computer technology. What is SCSI? from Storage Search - Written by Performance Technologies. Advanced Storage Concepts, Inc. - Provides an emulation layer that lets a Windows computer with specialized hardware act as a SCSI host device. Breakthrough Systems - Offers a full range of fundamental components such as semi-custom target mode and initiator drivers for SCSI, iSCSI, SAS, SATA, and Fibre Channel stack. SCSI - From Wolfgang Schulte's SCSI information guide. iSCSI - Internet SCSI. New Internet Protocol (IP)-based storage networking standard for linking data storage facilities, developed by the IETF. Definition from Whatis.
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