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This category is specifically reserved for sites pertaining to the digital creation and production of visual communications on desktop computer systems. Desktop publishing is normally considered to be a "closed-system" approach to producing printed or online publications, using a turn-key process that allows one to produce a graphic product, from concept to production, on a single computer system. In many cases, this form of graphic and textual content creation is achieved in a small scale environment, perhaps using computer components and peripherals that would fit on a single desktop, hence the name. (A simple system may consist of a desktop computer, laser printer, and scanner, for example.) The desktop publishing process may require several knowledge areas, including word processing, writing and editing, typography, page layout, design principles and elements, image editing, digital imaging, and printing. Related to the graphic design and visual communications disciplines, desktop publishing product examples include videos, websites, logos, letterhead, magazines, newsletters, flyers, brochures and more.
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Daddy Desktop - Creative help for in-house desktop publishers. Design Tools Monthly - Monthly newsletter summarizing stories from trade publications and web sites. Provides updates, bug fixes, shareware, plug-ins, fonts and utilities for Macintosh users. Cleveland Digital Publishing Users Group (CDPUG) - A non-profit organization's site for monthly meetings, bimonthly publications, special events, and competitions. Located in northeast Ohio. About: Computing & Technology: Desktop Publishing - Read articles, get newsletters, watch videos and visit links to related resources. Topics range from software tutorials and project ideas to design tips and skills. StockLayouts - Offers for purchase customizable design templates for producing print marketing materials, including stock photographs and artwork. StarrTech Computing: Keyboard Help - Learn how to create international language accent marks and diacriticals on a QUERTY keyboard layout. Change keyboards and alphabets to create special symbols, characters and math terms. Wikipedia: Desktop Publishing - Read an open-source article including DTP history, terminology, applications and comparisons with similar disciplines. Design Libraries - Browse graphic design tips, articles, software and other resources, including library sections on photography, color choices, and web design. Prepressure - Read topics that relate to design techniques, fonts, prepress, printing, PDF and PostScript. Robin Williams - Visit the home page of this teacher and author who writes helpful and concise guides for users of personal computers. Includes books, workshops and projects of the author. Desktop Publishing Forum - Participate in an exchange of information on aspects of publishing in print or on the web. Wikipedia: Page Layout - Read an open-source article from this reference guide including information about page elements and composition. Wikipedia: Aldus Corporation - Read an open-source article from this reference guide including the story behind the company that started the DTP field. - Find templates for calendars, cards, signs, flyers, and forms. Effective Scientific Electronic Publishing - Tips for using LaTeX and PDF to make electronically published papers more useful for readers. Bright Hub's Desktop Publishing Channel - The Desktop Publishing channel at Bright Hub is a one-stop shop for finding DTP software reviews, information on the do’s and don’ts of page layout, fonts and typography, and a much needed resource for those SOHO business owners that are going it alone, trying to create professional products. HistoryLink: Paul Brainerd - Read an essay about the founder of the company responsible for naming and starting the DTP industry. Free Download Free - Download wallpapers, screen savers, fonts, and mobile themes. Wild Scape - View and listen to examples of countryside interpretation and wildlife content, including both print and multimedia. Xerox: Small Business Templates - Offers free templates for in-house printing.
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