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Resources for writers who publish their own work. This category is geared to writers who self publish on the Net. This includes small publishers promoting their own work online, however resources for publishing - NOT the actual publication. You can find more publishing information and businesses who proofread, edit and publish in: Business/Publishing_and_Printing/Publishing/ Business services are listed in
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Colorado Independent Publishers Association - Provides education, support, networking and nurturing to independent publishers and other related industry professionals. A Guide to Self Publishing in the UK - How to make, print and publish a book, get it registered in the Legal Deposit Office of the British Library. Sell it and what can be done next. Jean Weber - Articles for editors working electronically. Electronic Literature Organization - A nonprofit organization with a mission to promote and facilitate the writing, publishing and reading of literature designed for electronic media. ELO's site features industry news, events, chats and links. Spawn - Provides information and contacts for those involved in publishing. The Independent Publishing Resource Center - Facilitates creative expression and identity by providing individual access to the resources and tools for the creation of independently published media and art. Portland, Oregon. Self Publishing - Morris Rosenthal's 200+ article collection about self publishing. Self-Publishing in the New Millennium - Information and comparisons of various Print on Demand (POD) publishers. Also has articles about the different types of self-publishing including the advantages and disadvantages. Publishing in the Northwest - A collection of resources for publishing non-fiction in the Northwest United States, with descriptions of small publishers. From Open Spaces. Wordpreneur - Articles and ideas for promoting and publishing ebooks and blogs. An Incomplete Guide to POD Publishers - A comparison of a number of major print on demand publishers. Writer's Relief's: Blog - Tips for writers related to publishing, editing, preparing cover letters and promoting. Publetariat - Online news hub and community for indie authors and small imprints. A Site About Nothing: Publishing Resources - Technical tutorials for authors who publish through self-publishing services such as CreateSpace, Lightning Source and Lulu. Jane Friedman - Writing, reading, and publishing in the digital age. Advices, interviews, resources, e-newsletter. Science Fiction Fantasy Chronicles - Forums include on the publishing industry and getting published. Moderated by literary agents. The Review Review - Writers can get a deeper sense of the journals (literary magazines) by reading reviews of the latest issues to guide writers toward the journals that most interest them. News and reviews of literary publications and editors. The Alliance of Independent Authors - Self publishing community, online. Some Notes on Self-publishing - Jill Paton Walsh and John Rowe Townsend, 1995. Based on print publishing. Publishing Tips for the Restless Writer - Aly Connor is a published author who shares the information she has learned about publishing, writing, literary agents, and books. Small Press Day - A chance to meet the UK and Ireland's next generation of superstar comic creators and self publishers. Takes place in July. Sticky Institute: Internet trolls sparks resurgence of zines ahead of Festival of the Photocopier - Photocopied zines are making a comeback, with some young self-publishers keen to escape the attention of online trolls. Article by Simon Leo Brown. Alternative Press - A collective of artists dedicated to encouraging creativity through self publishing, zine making, DIY. Based in London, UK. DIY Cultures - Zines, comics and alternatives for independent artists. Kunz On Publishing - Site about self-publishing and creating a financially successful and intellectually rewarding self-publishing business.
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