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A computer consultant is any person, presumably an expert, upon whom other people rely for information and advice about computer-related products and/or services. However, most self-styled computer consultants simply provide general information and advice in conjunction with the portfolio of computer-related products and services which they sell. With the exception of those computer consultants who specialize in a particular type of hardware, software, or system, the easiest way to distinguish between computers consultants is by geographical location. Accordingly, most computer consultants will be found listed under an appropriate Computers: Consultants: Regional subcategory; if no geographical location or area of special expertise can be determined, computer consultants will be found listed under Computers: Consultants: General and Freelance. However, some computer consultants will be listed under the main category of Computers: Consultants because they have a special service that does not fit into one of the various subcategories. This is a judgment call made by the ODP editors who for some reason believe that these listings deserve to be highlighted in the main category. If you are submitting a URL to this directory, please keep in mind that all submissions must be reviewed by volunteer editors of the Open Directory Project (ODP). Thus, multiple submissions of the same site to inappropriate categories will not improve your chances for being listed in this directory and may result in your site being blacklisted from ODP. This may also happen if you submit your site to a number of directories which use ODP data, but forward new submissions to ODP. Please take a moment to review the ODP Editorial Guidelines, and carefully choose the ODP categories to which you submit your site.
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TechVertu - TechVertu is a unique full-service IT agency. We connect with businesses of all sizes, offering all things tech, from IT support and consulting to bespoke infrastructural projects. We take pride in providing fast-paced and high-quality support. Perficient, Inc. - An IT consulting firm focused on building business productivity solutions. Includes overview of products and services, affiliations, client lists, case studies, and consultant employment opportunities. Kezber i Solutions - Consulting service, including strategic technology planning, IT project planning and project management. Web site design and custom application development. Specialize in high-availability, networking, security and storage management. Experts Exchange - Free online "ask an expert" site for computer questions. Micro Madness - Offers systems administration and support, network design and installation, training, and sales. Also provides a library of precompiled IRIX binaries for Silicon Graphics users. Sophist Solutions, Inc. - Design and implementation of object-oriented systems, tools, graphical user interfaces for Macintosh, Windows, Linux/X-Windows, distributed applications, and Internet technologies. WorJus Consulting - Outsourced network and system design, administration and support. Web and database services, custom application programming. StarTech Group, Inc. - Network upgrades, firewalls, server upgrades, e-mail and web server installation, disaster recovery. Citrix pilots and installation for small to medium size business. Ndex Technologies, Inc. - Offers desktop, wireless connectivity and Internet application solutions. Includes information on the client list and partnerships. RLS - Offers development and support in wiring systems supporting voice, data, and video networks. Fortis Logic - Offers web and graphic design, networking and infrastructure solutions, and applications development. New Tech Solutions, Inc. - E-business, e-commerce, embedded systems, enterprise application integration, and wireless solutions. Backup and recovery, database development and storage options. Herbeck+Associates - Unix and Macintosh system and network management, web server installation and configuration, security configuration and audit, and technical training and development. Armstrong Enterprise Communications, Inc. - Systems integration for LANs / WANs, multi-platform environments, and stand alone computer systems. Business Integrated Data Systems - Information on database, accounting and application implementation and support. List of software and training options. Myriad Consulting Services, Inc. - Information on solution designs for business re-engineering. Windows 2000 Server Suite, Windows NT, NetWare 4.X and 5.X, Citrix Metaframe, Windows 95/98, UNIX, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, Informix. Rossi Technologies - Information on business, internet and network solutions. Web design, hosting packages, and online support. Proximo Consulting Services, Inc. - Database development for data warehousing, business process analysis, design and improvement, staffing,and training. Software development, network and security solutions. ConSol Consulting & Solutions - System operation and monitoring, complete web development, e-commerce, and custom software solutions. Keenan Systems - Network applications, enterprise network management, wireless solutions, Microsoft and Linux services, and e-business. Hard software Pty. Ltd. - Systems analysis, design and implementation of technical software. Free demonstration of Web-based Offer System (WOS) for the electricity industry. HyPerformix, Inc. - Performance management and consulting for IS, IT, distributed systems, networks, and other computer systems. KMS - Information on bundled, industry specific, web applications, workflow automation solutions, and staff augumentation. Paramarsh Informatics - Offers custom web and software development services, along with systems integrations and facilities management. Grey Wolf Systems - Microsoft Certified Solution Provider to medium sized companies that provides hardware, software and services. Primary Consulting Services - Designs systems and software. Lists types of services, with brief overviews. LaReau, Margaret B - Offer basic web sites for small businesses, as well as consulting services within embedded systems, databases, intranets, protocols and technical writing. Located in Algonquin, Illinois, USA. All Computer Solutions, Inc. - Fault tolerant Microsoft, UNIX and Oracle server solutions and firewall/VPN appliances. Remote monitoring, management, data storage, backup and disaster recovery. En Pointe Technologies, Inc. - IT advisor to commercial enterprises, government agencies, and educational institutions. Also provides hardware, software and IT services. (Nasdaq: ENPT). GOBI IT Solutions - Information Technology service provider that focuses on computing solutions to small and medium sized companies in New York and Connecticut. CimTech - Canada based company offering IT infrastructure management, networking and communication. Duane Bristow - Providing low cost computer consulting on line. The site contains answers to visitor questions.
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