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This is an experimental directory of sites that are related to notable academics in Management Science.
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Orlikowski, Wanda J. - Associate Professor of Information Technologies at the MIT Sloan School of Management. Tabrizi, Hossein Abdoh - Professor in Finance, Institute for Research in Planning and Development, Tehran, Iran. Ofek, Haya Kivilis - organizational psychologist. Kappelman, Leon A. - Director of the Information Systems Research Center and holder of the Farrington Professorship in Business Computer Information Systems in the College of Business Administration at the University of North Texas. Mattila, Anna - Penn State University, School of Hotel, Restaurant and Recreation Management. Her research topics focus on cross-cultural issues in services marketing, and particularly on the study of emotional loyalty and the impact of culture on service recovery. Miller, Tony - Dr. Miller is an expert in the added value areas of improving performance, productivity and procedures with many years of experience in the HR consultancy. Doyle, Chris - Network industries, particularly telecommunications. Associate Fellow, Centre for Management under Regulation, Warwick Business School and Associate Fellow, Department of Economics, University of Warwick. Umar, Amjad - Course materials, outlines, presentation slides, project assignments, based on university and industrial courses. Ghauri, Pervez N. - Prof, Manchester School of Management, UMIST, UK. Dobers, Peter. - Research in the areas of corporate environmental management and IT issues, Gothenburg Research Institute. Meyer, Klaus - Klaus Meyer's research focuses on the strategies of multinational enterprises operating in emerging economies. He investigates how firms adapt their entry and growth strategies to the specific local context they encounter in for example Eastern Europe, China or Vietnam. Mihaileanu, Liviu - The blog comes subsequently to over 10 years of experience in business management as a project manager, executive director and senior consultant within private ownerships and multinational consultancy firms. Meissner, Joern - Lecturer in Management Science. Interested in Supply Chain Management, Dynamic Pricing and Revenue Management. Remneland, Björn - Personal homepage for researcher and lecturer Björn Remneland, School of Business, Economics and Law, Gothenburg University. Adukov, Rukhman - Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, Specialist in agro-industrial sector management, rural development, farm financial revitalization and local self-government. Aigner, Werner - CFO in Luxemburg, experience in finance, controlling, company set-up, carve-out, international, inter-cultural, asset and people management. Wagh, Milind - he interest and focus has always been in applying this knowledge to highlight the importance and relevance of these triggers in managing our business environment. de Andrade Júnior, José Augusto Morais - Links to his scientific articles already published or presented in scientific events. Melao, Nuno - PhD in Management Science. This site includes a description of his research interests, selected publications, professional activities, teaching, qualifications and contact information. Arsham, Hossein - Professor of Management Science and Statistics, University of Baltimore. Biographical information, instructional activities, research and publications, consulting services, and favorite bookmarks. Deming, W. Edwards - Developed his System of Profound Knowledge as a theory for management, providing the rationale by which every aspect of life may be improved. Roselieb, Frank - University of Kiel, Germany. His research focus is on crisis management, corporate communications, risk management, early warning systems, multinational corporations and virtual competence center.
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