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Manufacturer of windsurfing equipment sold through dealers or retail shops.
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Loose Boards Company - Building hi-tech custom windsurfing boards under the brand Eoloose in Italy. Proof - Shapes boards in Gran Canaria, Spain. Includes news, photos, local wind statistics, related links, and information, technology, and prices on different types and styles of boards and fins. Ezzy Sails, USA - Produces windsurfing sails and accessories. Online dealer list. F2 - Manufacturer of windsurfing and snowboarding gear and accessories. Rogue Wave Custom Boards - Produces intermediate to advanced and pro-level custom hand-shaped sailboards. Neil Pryde - Designer and manufacturer of sails, rigs and wet suits for boardsailing and windsurfing enthusiasts. Online list of distributors and user manuals. Mistral - Featuring a variety of boards for windsurfing, as well as a line of sportswear, eyewear and footwear. North Sails - Manufacturer of windsurfing sails, booms, masts, wetsuits, and accessories. Sailworks - Manufacturer of a wide variety of windsurfing sails. Based in Tokyo with worldwide distribution. Gaastra - Dutch manufacturer of windsurfing sails. Bare Wetsuits - North America's largest manufacturer of neoprene and fabric watersports apparel. ProMotion Wetsuits - Based in Hood River, Oregon, ProMotion Wetsuits are "Gorge tested" Chinook Windsurfing Products - Chinook windsurfing products, booms, bases, extensions, fins, masts and other component parts. Rainbow Fin Company - Rainbow Fins has been manufacturing windsurfing fins since 1980. We manufacture our fins out of high performance aerospace materials. Techart - Italian manufacturer of racing and wave windsurfing boards, with a special focus on competitions. Also manufacture CNC foiled fins. Aerotech Sails - Sail manufacturer in South Daytona Beach, Florida. Includes product line and dealer locator. JP-Australia - Manufacturer of windsurf boards, fins, and accessories. Includes product specifications, brochure, distributor list, news, events, photo gallery, and related links. Island Designs - Manufacturer of a wide range of handcrafted sailboards. Includes 3D animations and specifications and dealer list. Easy-Uphaul - Manufacturer of gear that attaches to your harness and you lean back to lift the sail. Includes distributor listing. Hot Sails Maui - Sail manufacturer located in Maui. Includes dealer locator, product description and gear for children. The Loft - Manufacturer of windsurfing sails designed by Monty Spindler. ON Boards - Makes waveboard, kiteboards, wakeboards, and bodyboards. PTH One Boards S.A. - Classic boards designed by Peter Thommen and tested by Bjoern Dunkerbeck and Peter Volwater. Wind Line - Manufacturer of land sailers and sailboats and gear. USA. Gun Sails - Manufacturer of surfsails, surfboards, kites, wetsuits, surfbags and surfparts. List of Gun Sails international distributors.
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