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Companies that primarily manufacture, distribute or install surveillance equipment and/or accessories
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LVW Electronics, Inc. - Design, sales and installation of video surveillance and traffic monitoring. They specialize in highway traffic cams. Seevid, Inc. - CCTV-Access Control-Fire-Nurse call-fiber optic-communication and digital systems marketplace. Eletech - Manufacturer of digital audio products for a variety of applications. Martin L. Kaiser, Inc. - Manufacturer of bomb disposal, bomb detection, electronic countermeasure, TSCM, surveillance and DF tracking systems. Spy Company - Range of surveillance and privacy products and equipment. Spy Emporium - Recorders, debugging, countersurveillance, hidden cameras and microphones. Edgarsson Security Designs - Specialise in wireless and portable and cctv equipment. NOVEX (Canada), Ltd. - Remote video surveillance devices thatcan be monitored a PC over a modem connection. William Buckley/Airtight Investigations, Inc. - Surveillance equipment, miniature wireless pinhole video cameras, body armor, communications. TeleRadio Engineering - Roofeye covert vehicle surveillance, hornet, scout, remote surveillance system, spy camera, and 3 dimension CCTV. Criterion Technology, Inc. - Manufacturer of thermoformed dome enclosures for the closed circuit television industry. Security Design Services Corporation - Offers analog and network security cameras, and accessories. Systems design available. ASTEL - Manufacturer and exporter of the CCTV security products. Spy Camera Specialists, Inc. - Offers a variety of do-it-yourself video surveillance systems. Q-Star Technology - CCTV cameras and systems. Watec - Manufacturer CCD cameras for use in surveillance, image processing and factory automation systems. WebCCTV - Designs and manufactures a line of WebCCTV digital surveillance servers (DVR - Digital Video Recorder) and GuardDVR surveillance application kits. Spy Site - Manufacturer and wholesaler of hidden security cameras and counter surveillance equipment. The BlackBoxCameraCompany Limited - Offering home security cameras. Protect your home and community. UK based. SHANIX - Offering electronic surveillance products. Poh Brothers Distributors Pte Ltd - Professional video audio broadcasting equipment like projectors, microphones, cameras, lens, and cctv. 2B Security Systems - Danish manufacturer and world-wide distributor of CCTV equipment; digital recorders, multiplexers, sensitive cameras, and housings. - Do-It-Yourself covert video surveillance products. Jo Enterprises - Window mounted tripod enables the private investigator to produce professional video and still photography. Spiritech Security Systems - Specializing in CCTV systems installation, design, servicing and consulting Hunt Electronic USA - Surveillance camera and accessories manufacturer. American Video Equipment - Since 1988, AVE has been designing and manufacturing a wide range of closed circuit television equipment and accessories. Sensaphone - Remote monitor systems for industrial security and control; built-in alarming, polling and data logging. First Witness Video, Inc. - Covert wireless video transmitter and cameras. Martco - Distributors and information on CCTV equipment. Ernitec A/S - Manufacturer and distributor of video surveillance equipment including cameras and lenses, digital video recorders, and matrix systems. Denmark. Ross Associates - Surveillance equipment, kits and products for Law Enforcement - Cameras, video, night vision, airborne, antennas, and custom surveillance vans. - CCTV cameras and digital surveillance equipment. International Loss Prevention - International distributor and manufacturer of electronic article surveillance (EAS) systems, accessories used for shoplifting prevention and control, security products including CCTV hidden cameras. PolarisUSA Video - Manufacturer and supplier of security cameras and other video surveillance equipment. Manchester Surveillance Company - Spy equipment including telephone taps, room taps, bugging units, discreet bugs, recording briefcases, UHF pen and calculator transmitters and bug detectors. G-Com Technologies - Offers cellular, computer and fax monitoring. SpyTown - Spy cameras and CCTV equipment. Peca Electronics - CCTV and infrared cameras and illuminators. in*site video systems - Covert surveillance equipment including nanny cams, hidden cameras, wireless and hardwired systems, transmitters, receivers, cctv cameras, antennas, board cameras and mini monitors. Jemtec Inc. - Offender electronic monitoring equipment, systems and services in Canada. Sentry Security Systems - Digital CCTV capture boards, computer systems, cameras and accessories. - CCD cameras and monitors. Security Operations Systems - CCTV, fire and security systems. CU1.COM - Covert and hidden cameras as well as surveillance equipment. Aspect Technology - Covert and overt surveillance equipment that includes wireless, night vision and thermal imaging systems applicable to security, law enforcement and military agencies. Spectra BV Electronic Development - Analog and digital wireless video surveillance. - Remote video surveillance, digital archiving, high volume webcams, nannycams, live internet video, internet cctv, wireless cameras, covert cameras and video streaming. SYAC - Developer of DigiEye, a multifunctional system for digital CCTV recording and viewing. CSP Manufacturing - Manufacturers of CCTV camera systems. Q Enterprises, Inc. - Undercover surveillance equipment, hidden video cameras, voice changers, body worn cameras and recorders, home and office security. Spy Shops International Inc. - Cameras, recorders, bugs, microphones and systems. JBR Technology - Tape analysis for law enforcement surveillance, specialized recording equipment and expert testimony based on tape analysis. Repworks - New England based security, access control, sound and intercom system manufacturer's rep offering design, training and demonstrations. Integrated Systems and Services Inc. - Security systems integrators. Vicon Industries - Design, engineering and production of CCTV systems for use in security, safety, surveillance and communication applications. Videotec - Manufactures products and systems for closed circuit television. Protector Ent. LLC. - Features spy, surveillance, counterspy, security systems, and hidden cameras. Farfisa Intercoms - Manufactures audio and video intercoms systems for residential and large building applications. DriveCam - Offers an onboard vehicle video event recorder, and driver feedback system. SpyLife.Com - Offers spy items such as cameras, night vision systems, surveillance cameras, and telephone surveillance systems. SWS Security - Manufacture electronic surveillance, intelligence gathering and radio communications products for government agencies. Pelco - Manufactures advanced closed circuit television equipment - camera enclosures, domes, mounts, pan/tilts, multiplexers, video matrix systems. Offers a product catalog and company information. Night Vision Gear UK - Offers night vision scopes, goggles and binoculars. UK based. Videte IT GmbH - Manufacturer of a range of CCTV solutions. Based in Germany. Kara's Technical Services - Offers Sentinel portable radio alarms. Paremount Security Group - Electric gates and barriers, CCTV and access control systems. - ADT authorized dealer specializing in home and business security, CCTV, remote video monitoring, intercoms, apartment entry systems, smart home wiring, access control in the Southern California region. Great Southern Security - Supplies counter surveillance bug detection equipment. Online catalogue and purchasing. Spy Equipment World - Worldwide suppliers and manufacturers of spy and surveillance equipment.From room and telephone transmitters to full range of audio and video spy equipment. Direct Security Limited - Security systems, approved security systems installer to British Standards and Police force Policies. m.J. Electronics Limited - Hidden cameras,night vision,wireless cameras and covert products. Dexilon Automation S.L. - Developer and manufacturer of 58 KHz - 66 kHZ (AM) and 4,75 MHz to 8.2MHz (RF) anti-shoplifting EAS systems and electronics. Vidtek Services - Repair of security/surveillance video equipment. ComsTrac, - GSM tracking and monitoring equipment. Spy Center - Custom video installation and sales. Surveillance Spy Cameras - Retail vendor of surveillance cameras and home security equipment. View Systems, Inc. - Manufacture and sales of digital video recording, facial recognition and plate recognition systems. Gatekeeper Systems Inc - Mobile video surveillance systems. Radiant Inc. - Digital video motion detection devices. GuardianCam - Sells a viewing system for watching children in daycare. Kindercam - Offers a camera that allows viewing of children in a remote day care center via the Internet. Rec Technology - Non-PC based shockproof digital video recorder. Spysonic - CCTV, security cameras, audio devices and surveillance equipment. Military and Law Enforcement Technologies - Night vision, thermal imaging, image enhancing, LCD monitors and covert surveillance equipment. Geniusoft Ltd. - Developer of internet-based video surveillance, GeniusEye systems, that include features like monitoring, recording and motion detection. Custom Cameras Ltd. - Manufacture of specialized CCTV systems for the scientific and nuclear industry. Northern Video Systems - Distributor of CCTV and surveillance systems. Spy Shops of Canada - Online spy equipment retailer based in Canada. Apogee Instruments, Inc - Develops high performance CCD cameras. 4nsys - Developer of digital, network-accessible security monitoring products. North American Video, Inc. - Selection of cctv products including gaming, retail, government and transportation applications. Startek - Design and manufacture of electronic instruments and video equipment for CCTV. NITEK - Complete line of equipment for video and data UTP security applications up to 10 miles. Condortech Services - Electronic security solutions provider specializing in access control, CCTV, intrusion detection, and video imaging systems. Kanrich Electronic Corp. - Designer and manufacturer of color, B/W video, and CCD cameras, security alarms, video intercom systems. Ermes Elettronica srl - Design and sells a wide range of CCTV equipment for video surveillance and security system applications. Security Group Technology Inc. - Manufacturer and supplier of CCD cameras, video-capture cards and adapters, DVRs, and multiplexers. Taiwan. EnVysion LLC - Develops and distributes networked digital video management systems for recording, surveillance, security, and operational intelligence applications. Boulder, Colorado. Rugged CCTV - Manufacturers and distributors of digital surveillance equipment for businesses. Dallas, Texas. Altron Communications Equipment Ltd - Produces mounting brackets for outdoor cameras. UK. Funkwerk Plettac Electronic GmbH - Produces video cameras, monitors, matrix and transmission systems, and digital video recorders. Germany. Cop Security Corp - Wireless video cameras and equipment, including multiplexers, switchers, alarms cables, and antenna boards. Verint Systems Inc. - International provider of analytic software-based video solutions for the security and business intelligence markets. Fine Telecom Inc. - A manufacturer of electronic surveillance products. South Korea. Tushing Electronic Co., Ltd. - Manufacturers of CCTV camera housings and mounting brackets for automation and security. Vigitron Inc - Designs and manufacturers a full line of transceivers for transmitting video over unshielded twisted pair wires. byRemote, Inc. - Remote video monitoring systems and surveillance solutions using network cameras both in LAN and web-based applications. Archiving and offsite storage available. Cubitech Ltd - A UK-based company with offices in Athens, specializing in CCTV surveillance and remote monitoring. Includes profile, services, and products. Honeywell Video Systems - CCTV cameras, mini surveillance cameras, digital video recorders, multiplexers, and transmission equipment. RACO - Wireless-to-web based monitoring, alarm notification, and control systems over a cellular telemetry network to the water and wastewater industries. Sony CCTV - Sony CCTV equipment, including monitors, cameras, codecs and time lapse video recorders TS-Market Ltd. - Designer and manufacturer of electronic devices for digital video and audio recording. Russia. XPI Simulation - Provider of high performance visual solutions for training and simulation applications. Sovereign International Ltd. - Closed circuit TV system distributor. Information about products, and introductory CCTV information. JAI Pulnix - Manufacturer of CCD and CMOS cameras. Includes company information and camera specifications. TEB - Designs and manufactures CCTV equipment including: cameras, DVRs, and controllers. Includes dealer locater and product information. OEM Cameras - Distributor of on board cameras. Manufactured in Japan, offers a selection of color or black and white board cameras in high or low resolution options. USA. The Spy Store, Inc. - Offers surveillance equipment, including video, audio, telephone, PC, and, GPS tracking equipment. Sentry Surveillance, Inc. - Offers a PC-based, multi-channel video surveillance system. Based in Kennesaw, Georgia. Formosa21 Inc - Tawain based manufacturer of camera systems with real-time video capturing and digital recording. Bosch Security Systems - Manufacturer of infra red illuminators and night-time surveillance products. Mirasys Ltd - Manufacturer of PC-based DINA digital video recorders for stand-alone, distributed and integrated security solutions. Aventura Inc. - Designs, manufactures and implements products for access control, biometrics, communications, remote video surveillance and systems integration. 2020 Vision Systems Ltd. - CCTV, access control, remote monitoring and integrated systems for the UK. SpectraTek - Designs and manufactures electronic equipment for professional surveillance, communication or countermeasure operations. NOVUS Technologies - X-ray Inspection systems for the non invasive X-ray inspection of closed packages. Spytech - Security products for personal and business use. Plettac Security UK Ltd. - Presents this manufacturer of security equipment. Based in the UK and Germany. PelikanCam - Video surveillance systems including web camera servers, wireless cameras, mini cameras, CCTV monitors and VCRs. Hi-Sharp Electronics Co., Ltd - Manufacturer of CCTV equipment.
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