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Sites listed in Multiple Media Artists are for commercial (non-shopping) studios, portfolios or galleries for established individual artists who work in multiple mediums i.e. painting, sculpture, photography, etc. These sites would normally go into a specific Visual Arts subcategory but are listed here as the focus is not on one particular medium.
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Shubina, Nadya - Featuring the oil paintings, graphics, batiks, sketches and photographs of an artist from the Ukraine. [English and Russian] Sesow, Matt - The latest paintings and short film works of contemporary American artist. Updated monthly with works from his Washington, DC studio. Sherman, Felix - Exhibits mixed-media on paper and canvas, and stone sculptures. Si-La-Gi - A Hungarian-Swedish conceptual artist exhibits installation, photography, video, sculpture, drawing, and prints. Shtelman, Alex - A big variety of art, including oil paintings on canvas and woodboard, watercolors, etchings, mix media. Sudeith, Kevin - Western landscapes with people in cars, planes, rockets. Contemporary style; scenes from the artist as hero myth in the modern world. Sodd, Teri - Southwest portraits, originals and prints, pottery, weaving and sculpture St. John Danko, Patricia Jane - Visual artist who creates paintings, drawings, sculpture, and masks, as well as original prints in serigraphy, etching, lithography, and woodcut. She works in acrylic, oil, and mixed media. Sung, Ming Yi - The online portfolio of paintings, drawings, sculpture and installations done in a wide and uniquel variety of medium. Spark, Lucky - A personal collection of digital dioramas and photographs. Requires Flash. Stine, Jon M. - Original sculpture, drawing, painting, and woodcuts. Swinand, Susan - Art work, including paintings, watercolors and 3-dimensional works. Smith, Isabel - Portfolio of illustrations, paintings, murals, calligraphy, and design. Szathmary, Kara - White Dwarf Studio - Canadian artist, non-representational space art, plus florals, landscapes, tapestries, and woodcuts. Shucart, Evie - Oil and acrylic paintings, drawings and pastels; landscapes, figurative work, and abstracts. Sizelove, Jim - Includes art and furniture gallery. Seitz, Georg - Paintings, illustrations and sculptures by the Austrian artist. Includes facts, past exhibitions and press clips. Stura, Adriano - Site containing portraits, in oil, terracotta, carbon and sanguigna. Sances, Jos - Creator of screenprinted posters, prints and wood sculptures. Provides a gallery, biography and contact information. Svensen, Jan - Portfolio of abstract paintings, and primitive prints. In Norwegian, English, and Spanish. Sirianni, Ralph - Features paintings and drawings on war themes, and memorial monuments. Also includes artist son's mask paintings. Silber, Daniel - Mediums include drawings, paintings and 3D artwork. Provides a portfolio, resume and links. Springstun, Eric A. - Portfolio of surreal figurative digital art and drawings. Schopf, Fred - Portrait and landscape paintings in realist style, bronze sculpture, woodcarvings, and murals. Sottocasa, Giacomo - Featuring Bryce rendered computer graphics, and landscape photography. Standley, Max D. - Oil paintings and engravings in a realistic/visionary style with hints of biomorphic detail. Stocard, Lionel - Paintings and sculptures on dream and fantastic (The dreaming Machine, The dreams photo-making Machine). Musicals instruments (guitars, Revibracleide) and furniture (bar, Africano-futuristic chair). Shaw, Denise - Symbols which speak to our intellect, emotions and spirit. The imagery in the paintings is often derived from myths, fables, literature, poetry and psychological concepts. Images and curriculum vitae. Slavin, Arlene - Presents her paintings, drawings, sculptures, and public art. Includes resume and review article. Sure, Lynn - Presents her relief sculptures, paintings, artist's books and printmaking in handmade paper. Paper artist also offers workshops in paper art in the US and in Italy. Includes exhibition list. Stokes, Van - Presents images of the Brooklyn artist's paintings, photographs, and drawings, with his comments. Also has a biography, some articles, and a message board. Saloman, Marilyn - Presents original batiks and prints. Includes biographical data and exhibitions. Sharrett, Donna - Featuring mandalas made with rose petals, synthetic hair and guitar beads. Shellstrom, Scott - Acrylic painter, commercial graphicist and designer, and draftsman provides resume and samples of his work. Spano, Michael - CyberArt Studios features digital illustration and website design. Galleries include fantasy, erotica, abstract, graphics and photography. Sidh, Cat - Works in many different media including painting, drawing, photography, assemblage, poetry and other writing, a weblog, and tutorials by the artist. Schindler, Mike - Portfolio includes figure drawing, graphic design, mixed media, illustration and web design. Swift , Matthew - London, England based artist takes mental snapshots of what he sees and reconfigures these experiences to create unexpected relationships between colours, shapes, and forms. Sandstrom, Michael - Contemporary mixed media artist based out of the Baltimore/Washington DC area. Artist's works (drawings, prints, sculpture, paintings), biography, CV, and various resource links for artists. Stevens, Tom - Gallery of works in both digital and oil formats. Artist biography. Sharp, Elizabeth - Prints, illustrations and china painting gallery featuring equine, animal and other subjects. Shafie, Taher - Images of works by the artist include ceramics, sculpture, drawing and painting. Slovic, Hal - Showcases artworks, both new and old, going as far back as 1965: assemblages, 3D constructions, screen prints, mixed media works, linoleum block prints, kinetic works, mobiles. Simonyi, Emo - Paintings in oils and mixed media, ink drawings, and 3D painted cardboard objects. Biography and exhibition list included. Snyder, Wayne - Gallery of traditional and digital paintings, and illustration. Schinas, Jill Dickin - Art gallery, photograph library, and books written from the artist/author. Sloan, Austin - Portfolio of digital art and some canvas. Seebold, Helen - Paintings, illustrations, pottery, photography and Celtic crosses. Artist biography and gallery of works. Scinto, Joseph - New York based artist working in a variety of mediums including site specific, installation, sculpture, digital photography and painting. Portfolio, artist statements, and resume. Schlough, Kurt R - Based in Louisiana and creating figurative and abstract paintings and sculptures. Includes artist's statement and portfolio. Stein, Linda - Based in New York City and focusing on indoor and outdoor sculptures, paintings, drawings and collage. Includes portfolio and press reviews. Schoot, Lique - Featuring the paintings, photographs, objects and installations of a contemporary conceptual artist concentrating on self-portraits. [English and Dutch] Scally, Gwyneth - Featuring the paintings, drawings, installations and sculptures of an Arizona artist whose work is figurative and psychological. Sommers, Sue - Wyoming artist creating paintings, book art, monoprints and etchings. Includes resume and portfolio. Smarandache, Florentin - Photographer and experimental painter. Provides a small gallery of samples. Sferza, Silvana - Featuring the contemporary paintings, sculptures, videos and didactics of an Italian artist. [English and Italian] Schotzau, Lars - Paintings, photography, digital creations, poetry and conceptual art by a Barcelona-based artist. [English, Spanish and German] Stypczynski, Radoslaw - Polish contemporary artist now living in Sweden and working with photography, graphics, painting, installations and collaborations. Sauvé, Paulette Marie - Canadian painter, tapestry weaver and writer. Includes curriculum vitae and portfolio. Sabatelli, Pietro - Belgian painter and sculptor now living in Rome. Includes biography and portfolio.
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