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Sites listed in Multiple Media Artists are for commercial (non-shopping) studios, portfolios or galleries for established individual artists who work in multiple mediums i.e. painting, sculpture, photography, etc. These sites would normally go into a specific Visual Arts subcategory but are listed here as the focus is not on one particular medium.
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Pedersen, Dawn - Figurative and fantasy art, paintings, drawings, sculpture, etchings, collage and doodles. Perry, Jessica - Artist working in mixed media, painting, charcoal and pastel drawings. List of art exhibitions and artist statement. Online galleries and biography. Picchi, Anchise - Painter, sculptor, and engraver. Powell, Jen - Australian woman artist's journey of vulnerability through mixed media that takes the viewer through exploration of the body,the sacred, the profane and the feminine. Platzer, Joseph - Sculptures,paintings, drawings and limited editions inspired by mystical and magical pursuits. Pratt, George - Landscape and figurative works in charcoal, pencil and photography, reproductions available. Pazolli, Athina - Fine art exhibition of oil paintings, drawings on paper, and drawings of the nude. A exhibition of contemporary abstract paintings in which color is essence. Peragine, Dan - Displays monumental outdoor stone-constructs, carving, and paintings. Pro, Anthony - Artist specializing in California impressionistic landscapes, and portrait oil painting, and drawing. Printezis, Isidoros - Digital graphics, produced with Bryce, Poser, and Photoshop, and mixed media sculpture. Pare, Tina - Mediums range from crayon, ink, and colored pencil to oil pastels, oils, acrylics and photography. Provides galleries and a brief profile. Phelps, L. Calvin - Provides a documentation of original work by the Los Angeles-based conceptual artist. Includes related links. Pastore, Elio - Collection of photographs, digitally rendered layered works, and fractal images. [Flash and Java] Peart, Jane - Specialist in highly detailed pencil and pen and ink drawings and etchings. Includes portfolio, exhibitions and contact information. Pottepalem, Giridhar - Offers paintings on media objects, portraits, and landscapes inspired by nature and people. Includes biography. Parkes, Michael - Gallery of original oils, lithographs, sculpture and posters from the magic realist. Picchio - Abstract and impressionist landscape paintings, and collages. Pietruszewski, Robert - Kinetic sculpture, site specific and outdoor commissioned sculpture, illustrations and prints, light paintings, and artwork in various media. Paxton, Joseph - Sculptor, painter and draughtsman, primarily focused on figurative animal art. Perrottet,Camille - Painting and videos including a bio. Paul, Rick - Exhibiting mixed media abstract drawings, installation sculptures, and 3D Studio Max computer graphics. Pardo, Lara Stein - Portfolio of photographs and installation pieces, writings, resume, and weblog. Putnam, Caroline - Oil and acrylic paintings, private commissions and public murals. Pence, William - A postmodern artist from Virginia who explores painting, collages, digital prints, 3D modeling, video, and Internet art. Peterka, Frantisek - Portfolio of a Czech painter, graphic artist and illustrator. Phelan, Alan - Exhibition of artist's work in installation, found objects compositions, photography, and prints. Pantelias, Miltos - Greek artist creating engravings, lithographies and paintings. Includes biography, exhibition schedule and portfolio. Petersons, Reinis - Resume and portfolio of a contemporary Latvian artist whose work includes paintings, video, animation and illustration. Piñol, Adrià - Showcasing the paintings, poetry books, music, graphic designs and photography of a Spanish artist. Padworny, David - Paintings, drawings, assemblages and sculptures by an artist from Maryland. Includes resume and exhibition history. Panick, Jennifer - Showcasing the paintings, drawings and photography of an artist from New Jersey. Peters, Michael J - Portfolio of a graphic designer, photographer, poet, painter, and copywriter from Minneapolis. Poppe, Sandra - German artist creating installations, sculptures, paintings and collages in the style of abstract formalism. Includes resume, exhibition schedule and portfolio. Powers, Blanche - The paintings, digital prints, mixed media and installations of a contemporary artist form Minnesota. Includes resume and personal statement.
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