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Sites listed in Multiple Media Artists are for commercial (non-shopping) studios, portfolios or galleries for established individual artists who work in multiple mediums i.e. painting, sculpture, photography, etc. These sites would normally go into a specific Visual Arts subcategory but are listed here as the focus is not on one particular medium.
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Ludwig, Elke - Virtual display of expressionist paintings, drawings, and etchings. Lanfermeijer, Suzanne - Dutch painter and photographer exhibits both abstract and figurative works including 'Body Negatives' series of oil painting on transparent plexiglass. Lartigaud, Jean Michel - Presentation of Aubusson tapestries, paintings, prints, and collages. [French and English] Lecomte, Dominique - New-England, the American West and Cambodia seen by a French artist living in the USA. Lovett, John - Professional Australian artist working in oil, watercolour and mixed media. Detailed notes on painting techniques and methods, and information on art materials. Updated regularly with watercolour and mixed media instructions and notes on design and colour. Larner, Holly - Paintings ranging from descriptive realism to the abstract. Also includes installations and ceramics. Provides a portfolio and links. Long, Herbert - Features painting, and bronze sculpture in styles ranging from abstraction and modernism to realistic portraiture . Lyle, Elizabeth - Paintings, prints, and stained glass that feature surreal and psychedelic themes. Lyne, Alison Davis and Frank - Illustrations in various media, and wood carvings. Lottenbach, Rita - Swiss-born drawer and painter. Provides a biography, gallery, links, forum and contact details. Lerman, Juan-Carlos - Paintings, prints, multi-mixed-media images, digital-derivatives, and drawings. Lahm, R.A. - Painting Gallery. Paintings in oil, acrylic, egg tempera, pastel, and watercolor. Luner, Karin - A cross-section of her art, featuring paintings, drawings, prints, and installations. Lieu, Richard Beau - Acrylic cubist paintings, and abstract steel and bronze sculptures. Larsen, Sarah - Examples of the artist's current work; biography, exhibition and contact details. Lalonde, Cerj - Abstract paintings, installations, digital compositions, collages, and photography. Lewis, Karen K. - Exhibiting figurative, landscape, and still life oil paintings, etchings, and drawings. Lemon, Marilyn - A collection of paintings in oil and watercolor by this Canadian painter. Illustrations are also shown with short descriptive passages. Lake, Ellen - Bay Area artist working in video, interactive sculpture, and installation. Lachlan, Ranna - Contemporary abstract, figurative, ei-shodou, and experimental art in acrylics, mixed media, and light refractive media. Features current work and upcoming shows. Lolley, Kathleen - Black and white paintings, illustrations on parchment, and animation clips. Lamar, Rom - Luxemourg artist's gallery of abstract paintings, masks and sculptures. Includes biography and exhibition photos. Lipski, Donald - The artist has created many award-winning sculptures and installations. Gallery of his work and other information about the artist. Lagroix, Caroline - Ottawa artist shows abstract works including paintings, drawings, digital pieces, and photography. Levenson, Dan - Portfolio of work and exhibition information by the Brooklyn, New York based artist. Luchian, Iuri - Moldovan-born artist depicts landscapes, female nudes, and still lifes in oil on canvas, multimedia, watercolor, and drawing. Includes biography and resume. Linke, Nadia Kaabi - Showcasing the installations and paintings of a German artist using all kinds of media and artifacts which are circulating in everyday life. Lansing, Frances - American artist now residing in Tuscany and specializing in encaustic painting and bronze sculpture. Includes gallery of work and biography. Lewis, Raymond David - Featuring the paintings, photographs and short films of an artist from Delaware. Lacy, Jean - Collection of mixed media, collage, assemblages and stained glass designs aligning ancient with modern forms to express Afro-American urban life. Le Comte, Jan - Creates caricatures, computer graphics, fractals, drawings and illustrations. Provides a brief profile, galleries and links. Lamdan, Arie - The paintings sculptures and etchings of an Israeli artist working in a variety of styles. Includes resume and portfolio. Legg, Genevieve - Canadian artist presents her mixed media paintings, metalwork and sculptures. Includes resume and press clippings. Lomovasky, Israel Carlos - Abstract and figurative modern sculptures and paintings by an Israeli artist. Lyons, Karrie A - Paintings, drawings, graphic designs and painted glass by an artist from Florida. Includes brief biography and blog. Luvaas, Lucinda - Paintings, drawings, animations, painted sculpture, and music. Ledan, Fanch - Featuring the paintings, lithographs and sculptures of a contemporary French artist. [English and French] Louis, Patrice - French artist specializing in decorative frescoes, hand painted fabrics, washbasins and bathtubs, and realistic sculptures and paintings. Li Long, Ruby - Contemporary figurative paintings, drawings, and sculpture. Lynn, Christopher - Ohio based artist exhibiting paintings, installations, and Flash movies.
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