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Sites listed in Multiple Media Artists are for commercial (non-shopping) studios, portfolios or galleries for established individual artists who work in multiple mediums i.e. painting, sculpture, photography, etc. These sites would normally go into a specific Visual Arts subcategory but are listed here as the focus is not on one particular medium.
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Grau, Carmen - Figurative sculptures in bronze and terra-cotta, and landscape paintings in oil. Guadagnoli, Maurizio - Gallery of sculptures, paintings and photography. In English and Italian. Gridine, Francoise - Painting and poetry presented in a virtual photo-realistic gallery environment. Gecko - Oil paintings, illustration, computer animation, and graphic design. Green, Gerald - Examples of Architectural Illustration and Fine Art watercolour work. Green, B. L. - Specializes in original watercolors, reproductions, teaching, graphic and web design. Gazda, Paul - Painting, photography and assemblage melded into a visual symphony comprised of three series: Archetypal, Didactic, and Household Icons. Gorham, Heather - Selected paintings, sculpture, and mixed media. Gallardo, Rafael - Paintings, poetry and tales. Gattamorta, Alan - A gallery of ceramic, watercolor, and collage artwork. In English and Italian. George, Paul St. - Mixed media sculpture, digital, and multi media art. [Shockwave] Ghiglieri, Lorenzo - Presents realistic bronze sculptures, drawings, and oil paintings. Grace, Judy - Paintings, computer graphics, object based art, and sculpture. Gray, Shawn - Selection of acrylic on canvas paintings and sculptures from the contemporary Australian artist. Gersch, Wolfgang - Contemporary mixed-media painter and computer artist. Blends painting, airbrush effects and mixed media techniques. Gorenstein, Marcus - Montreal artist creates paintings, drawings, sculpture and architectural stained glass of landscapes, cityscapes, women and portraits. Includes images and biography. Gene Gould's Art Studio - Original figurative paintings, drawings, and sculptures by contemporary artist, and comments about how and why they were made Garnet, Eldon - Toronto-based artist displaying photography, sculpture, writing and public art. Goudie, Jo - Unicorns World, showcase of traditional and digital artwork by self-taught amateur. Goard. Michael - A gallery of paintings, sculpture, jewelry, artifacts and design services. Grimm, Mark Edward - Minimalist work in video, sound, photographs, installations, and painting by New York artist. Gregson, Bob - Conceptual artist working in painting, photography and digital art plus interactive situations. Giordano, Joan - Sculpture and works on paper. Goncalves, Romulo - Mixed media installations, paintings and drawings accompanied by philosophical texts by this Portuguese artist. Grima, Antonella - A presentation of paintings and digitally enhanced photography by this young Maltese artist. Genton, Monique - Canadian artist working with painting, photography, collage, digital art, and video. Gammill, Carol - Original oil paintings and digitally created graphics. Göllner, Adrian - Ranging in style from hard-edge abstraction to high realism to pop art, Adrian's work puns and plays with suburban aesthetics and contemporary art. Geisler, Paul - photographic, video and painted artworks by Paul Geisler Goldberg, Ken - A collection of net art with lectures on Art and Technology, reviews, and biography. Goodwind, Heather - Sculpture, drawing and collage of Portland, Oregon based, New York artist. Glynn , Anna - Australian artist explores the worlds where stories, memories and dreams entwine. G, Bob - Self taught visionary artist creating contemporary paintings and computer art. Includes background information and portfolio. Goldberg, Carol Brown - Featuring the paintings, sculptures and installations of an artist from Washington. Includes resume and press reviews. Goin - Featuring the street art, paintings, sculptures, posters and videos of a French artist. Galo - Featuring the paintings, installations, sculptures and street art of an Italian artist working primarily in a pop art style. Garberina, Angie - Features mostly bronze scepters, and lithographic prints. Gregory, Ken - Visual electronics as installations, video, multi-media, interactive works, and audio collage. Garcia, Paqui - Featuring the paintings and sculpture of a Spanish artist focusing on the seaside, and its human and natural dimensions. [English and Spanish] Gemmill, James - American born but now residing in the UK and working as a scenic artist, painter, muralist, calligrapher and interior finisher. Gardner, Jeff - Texas artist presents his paintings, photography and mixed media artwork. Gerzabek, Ernie - Australian artist creating abstract paintings and three dimensional free-standing or bas-relief wall sculptures. Includes statement and exhibition history. Garrett, Karl - Featuring the sculptures, assemblages, photographs and paintings of a contemporary artist from the Isle of Man. Géza, Nagy - Showcasing the paintings, graphics, animation and digital images of a Hungarian artist. Garcia de la Cruz, Manuel - Watercolor and Japanese ink paintings, ceramics and sculptures by a Spanish artist. Includes background information and exhibition history. [English and Spanish] Grassel, Jay A - Featuring the paintings, sculptures, photography and installations of an artist from Pennsylvania. Golubinsky, Liliana - Presents images of the work of the Argentine artist, as well as curriculum vitae and articles. Genovese, Carl - Oil paintings and pen and ink drawings of wild life, landscapes, collages,still life and Western and Civil War guns; some prints available. Guerrera, Tania - Pastels, drawings, mixed media works, also poems and essays. Grimes, Stephanie - Features watercolors, pen and ink drawings with an emphasis on bird and animal themes. Gandini, Marzia - Oil paintings with the human figure as central theme. Also digital images and sculpture. Gray, Jo - British artist specializing in murals, trompe l'oeil and specialist paint effects, with her artwork ranging from cute kiddies pictures to highly detailed realistic images. Gitta, Pekker Sovak - Realistic and allegorical themes in oils, pastels, and watercolors; Also works in stained glass. Includes portfolio of the Hungarian artist.
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