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Sites listed in Multiple Media Artists are for commercial (non-shopping) studios, portfolios or galleries for established individual artists who work in multiple mediums i.e. painting, sculpture, photography, etc. These sites would normally go into a specific Visual Arts subcategory but are listed here as the focus is not on one particular medium.
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De Cesario, Giorgio - Showcasing the graphics, photography, paintings and sculptures of an Italian artist. [Spanish, Italian, French and English] de Vos, Twan - Dutch artist creates colorful figures on paintings and drawings, and on glass and ceramic vessels. Includes images and views of his studio and the printing process. Due, Liv - Norwegian artist's portfolio of ceramics and sculpture in stone, bronze, grass and peat, and sketches in watercolor. Domela, Laura - Artist portfolio of abstract painting and photography. Dianni-Kaleel, Rita - Introduces her "Lifethread" series of paintings, drawings and sculpture. DiMeglio, Angela - An online gallery of art, poetry, photography, 2D and 3D animation and a journal of dreams, memories, theater and crafts. Dunn, Michael - Bronze sculpture, woodcarving, digital art and jewelry. Daum, Nik - Weird art and the bloated ego of a student artist, weird drawings and paintings from high school and college, music, and personal projects. Dehn, Tove - Danish artist presents a portfolio of 3D Studio Max images, and black/white photography. Doctor, Laurie - Colorado artist displays paintings, object based art, and calligraphy. Draper, Pete - Portfolio of 3D computer graphics, watercolors, and drawings. de Smedt, Philippe - Presents his impressionistic figure studies in various types of paint, and traditional figure studies in various drawing media. duCharme, Kimberley - Works in pastel and clay sculpture. Prints and prototypes for commercial toys are also shown. Danz, Pascal - Photorealistic images in oils and watercolors. Debreuil, Marcel - A presentation of oil paintings, drawings, poetry, pottery, photos and designs on crystal. Sculptures as works in progress are also viewable. Dalton, Jennifer - Visual artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Davis, Andrew - Portfolio of drawings, design, and computer generated still images and animations. Del Toro, Cecilia - Colombian artist now residing in Florida. Includes galleries of her paintings, jewelry, ceramics and porcelain. de Graaff, Peter - Featuring the paintings, mixed media collages, and ceramics of a Dutch artist renowned for his paintings of domestic interiors. Davies, Tim - Featuring the paintings, sculptures, murals and multimedia pop artworks of an artist from Germany. Day, Harry - Featuring the paintings and sculptures of a Mississippi artist using various self-styled techniques. D'Alessandro, Verena - Italian painter and photographer. Includes biographical notes, exhibition schedule and portfolio. [English and Italian] Dunbar, George - Paintings including works on paper and sculptures in clay. Duncan, Andrew - The contemporary paintings, drawings, sculpture, digital images and photography of a New Zealand artist known as That Circle Guy. Dahlsen, John - Australian artist presents his environmental art, recycled assemblages, contemporary paintings, installations and public art. Dintenfass, Marylyn - Resume, portfolio and critique of a New York artist creating paintings, works on paper and public installations. de Rooij, Philip - Abstract and surrealistic paintings, sculptures and drawings by a Dutch artist. Includes biography and exhibition schedule. De Pasquale, Gennaro - Italian artist now based in Canada whose work is composed of installations, videos, photographs, drawings, sound pieces and new media projects. Davidson, Karen - Based in Hawaii and creating three dimensional paper sculptures, plus drawings, paintings and collages. Includes biography and exhibition history.
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