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ACM Special Interest Group for Hypertext and Hypermedia and the Web - Host of annual, international conferences since 1987. Access to full papers from the conferences in the ACM digital library, in addition to newsletters and conference information. Indra's Net or Hologography - Introduction to some of the work in 'machine modulated poetry' which John Cayley has been developing since the late 1970s. Hypertext Resources at Eastgate - Resource list by specialists in hypertextual fiction and theory. The Hypertext Kitchen - Portal. BeeHive - Hypertext and hypermedia literary journal. Encyclopaedia and Hypertext - Hypertext as an object of philosophical reflection. The three main research topics are From Encyclopaedia to Hypertext, Hypertext and Text Theory, and The Image Atlas of Aby Warburg. ht_lit Mailing List - Instructions on how to join ht_lit, a low-traffic but valuable list a lot of hypertext theorists are members of. Lisbeth Klastrup: A Study of Interactive Reading - An MA thesis written in 1997 discussing, among other works, Joyce's afternoon, Moulthrop's Victory Garden and Gaarder's Sophie's World alt.hypertext FAQ - Answers to questions frequently asked in alt.hypertext and references to other online resources about hypertext and hypermedia. Nestvold, Ruth: The use of the second person in electronic fiction - Essay discussing second person narration in hypertext fiction and text adventures. First presented at the IALS conference in Freiburg in 1997. Weblog Kitchen: Hypertext Theory - An entry point for discussion of hypertext theory, rhetoric, and related topics. Word Circuits: New Media Poetry - Database of listings for hypertext, cybertext, and interactive literature. Cyberspace, Hypertext, & Critical Theory - Overview of interrelations between cyberspace and information technology on the one hand and critical theory and philosophy on the other. The Electronic Labyrinth - Both utilizes and focuses upon the medium of hypertext as it relates to literature and its concrete manifestations--from palimpsests to mechanically printed books to CD-ROMs -- throughout history to the present, with speculation on the future. Hipertulia - Forum whose aim is to introduce hypertext and hyperfiction to the Spanish-speaking public. Includes some articles in English. The New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia - Archive of issues from this annual peer-reviewed review journal on the practical and theoretical developments in hypermedia and hypertext.
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