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The turn first originated in the Telemark region of Norway around the 1860s. Sondre Norheim is often credited for first demonstrating the turn in ski races, which included cross country, slalom and jumping, in Norway around 1868. Sondre Norheim also experimented with ski and binding design, introducing side cut to skis and heel bindings (like a cable). Telemark skiing was reborn in the 1971 in the United States. Doug Buzzell, Craig Hall, Greg Dalbey, Jack Marcial, and Rick Borcovec are credited reintroducing the style after reading the book "Come Ski With Me" by Stein Eriksen. Telemark skiing gained popularity during the 1970s and 1980s. Giant courses were a part of the reason for its growth. In 1981, the first Berzerkebeiner race at Mazama, Washington was held in reaction to the specialized telemark slalom competitions. The Berzerkebeiner had uphill and downhill components more like today's Telemark Classic race. In 1986, first modern Telemark Classic race called the Skiathlom or Telemark Combination was held in Vradal, Norway. Today, there are two basic camps in Telemark racing: those who wish to pursue a more alpine approach-- faster and more exciting slalom courses and those who prefer to preserve the roots of Telemark ski racing with competitions including downhill as well as uphill and jumping.
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