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Modern version of a typical Irish sport introduced into the United States by Irish immigrants in the 19th century. Handball may be played by 2, 3 or 4 players. It is played outdoors (one-wall and three-wall versions) as well as indoors in a four-wall court. Handball players wear form-fitting gloves, usually made of soft leather. The purpose of the game is to hit the ball against a wall with either hand in such a way that the opponent or opponents cannot return the ball?that is, drive the ball back against a wall, before it has hit the floor twice. The open palm or the clenched fist may be used in hitting the ball. Server is a awarded a point if the ball is missed by the receiver. If during the volley the server misses a return, the opponent, becomes the server. The achievement of 21 points wins a game. Usually the best of three games wins a match. Handball should not be confused with the Olympic sport called "Team Handball", although it is very common in international circles to call Team Handball just Handball.
The United States Handball Association - Details of results, fixtures, rules of wall-handball in the USA with pictures of players, on-line shopping for handball gear. Links to other handball sites around the world Southern California Handball Association - Includes all the fixtures and results as well as news items. Irish Handball Homepage - News and results from Ireland including Sligo Handball Club. Handball City - Information, photographs, discussion, chat room, and links. Northern California Handball Association (NCHA) - Listings of three and four-wall handball courts, tournaments and players, with information on supporting youth development. Chino Sport Handball - Big blue, one wall handball tournament in Philadelphia, PA. Information, schedule, and photographs. Australian Handball Council - The council is the principle body promoting 1-wall, 3-wall and 4 wall handball within the country. Rules, resources, and information. Southwest Missouri State University Handball - News items, staff, alumni listing, message board, related links and upcoming events. Colorado Handball Association - Handball fixtures and results from Colorado. GAA Handball Ireland - Official site with history, news, events, fixtures, results, and player profiles. Inner City Handball Association - Results, fixtures and news from this New York organization. World Players of Handball - News, video, tournaments, calendar and blog. Minnesota State Handball Association - News, fixtures, results and related links.
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