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The American Bashkir Curly The Curly has been said to be sacred horses to the Native American Indians. They were called Buffalo Ponies since they were used for hunting the bison, and were often owned by Chiefs and Medicine Men. A Native American artist depicted Curly horses at the battle of Little Bighorn of 1876. Curly horses were found at the Standing Rock Reservation in South Dakota, and also at the Fort Berthold Reservation in North Dakota & at Rock Springs, Wyoming. The Curly horse is quite hardy and has the ability to withstand colder temperatures than many other breeds. Their winter coat has curls in the form of tight ringlets to a marcel type wave. Interestingly, the hair is generally soft and has been found to resemble mohair. It is also hypoallergenic - the only breed to claim such an unusual trait. The athletic ability of the Curly has taken him to the dressage ring, endurance rides, cow pony work, driving, Western peasure, and all-round family pleasure horse.
Breed information courtesy of The American Bashkir Curly website. - WP 8/2000
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