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Robalo - Rob is an everyday guy in Syracuse, NY, who happens to be transgendered. Personal photos, information on his life, links to transgender resources. Alex - An older site from a young FTM. Features poetry and other writings, plus passing tips and links. Devin's World - An offbeat, upbeat FTM site. Links to resources for TG spirituality, medical info, and general FTM topics. Personal diary and T journal. Eryc avery Daddy boi - An FTM couple describes their Daddy/boi relationship and their individual transitions. Loren's Doodle of the Day - This art student's expressive drawings graphically illustrate the paradoxes of FTM identity, some with narrative text. LiveJournal and other links. Changing Me - Lots of photos showing changes from testosterone and chest surgery. Also voice clips, journal, resources, and tips. Stealth Queer, Inc. - Josh is a Midwesterner, student, and a Cubs fan. Personal info, photos, and lots of links related to his interests. FTM Transition - Ethan's a college student in Vermont. You'll find lots of artistic and documentary photos here, plus information on chest surgery, hysterectomy, and body modification. The Transitional Blog - A weblog intended as a resource for anyone thinking of transitioning or who wants insight into the life of an FTM. TRANS∙pose: A Journal of Movement - Gender identity and transition through the eyes of a genderqueer transman in Los Angeles. Gender Outlaw - Transition journal of a transman from British Columbia, Canada. Blog entries, photos, video updates. Every Journey Begins With a Single Step - A documentation of transition in blog format, with pictures, voice clips, and written accounts. Ryan Scott Kennedy - FTM's blog about music, spirituality, environmentalism, politics, New Zealand life, and being transgender. So This Is My Life - Charts a transition from female to male. Contains photos, blogs and forums. American Trans Man - An FTM scientist's personal blog about transgender life and scientific topics of interest to the FTM/trans community. Drew's Domain - Southern hospitality from an original Tarheel Transman. Photos, transman tips, top surgery journal and eclectic links. The Adventures of a Small Guy - A bold statement from a small guy, with personal photos, writings, resource links, and original artwork. Trans Canada Coyote - A blog that documents the transition of a female to male Canadian. Masculinity: A surgical exploration - A young transman of color. Photo gallery, journal, links to vlogs. Transshadows: FTM blog - Alexander's FTM journey, transgender resources, passing tips and life as a transsexual boy. Numbers in 1080 - Eli, from Fargo, North Dakota, talks about being trans/queer, feminism, mental health issues, tattoos, and recipes. Includes testosterone information and transition photos. Joshua Bastian Cole - Josh is a young FTM and drag king performer. Lots of photos, plus voice clips, T journal, and other writings.
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