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General audience advice on sexuality. Sites may not be targeted to a Restricted (R) or "Adult's Only" audience. In other words, the language on the site must be politically correct and have educational value. No nude photos. However, age-restricted adult sites should go to Sites that offer advice only on dating and relationships should go to
Sites [ Submit ] - Sexuality - Advice, tips and information about human sexuality and sexual health. Amy's Guide to Better Sex - Better sex tips and techniques on how to improve your sex life. Scroll down for a collection of articles. Dr. Rachael - DJ and Physician, Dr. Rachael, teaches fun and healthy sex education. Offers sexuality and STD information, advice, news, and interviews. Friends and Lovers - Relationships advice. Em & Lo - Offering advice for the modern bedroom, confessions, reviews and news. Dr. Sari Locker - Books, advice and videos that provide sexual suggestions and tips for adults of all ages. Sexual Balance - Some ideas concerning a healthy balance in sex and relationships. Dr. Ruth Online - Official site of the pop sex therapist, offering advice, tips, news, and opinion polls. Ask Krista - Free sex advice and articles from a lady that's been in the sex industry for more than 20 years. Smoldering Embers - Offers sex tips, techniques, advice, and stories to help monogamous couples improve sexual satisfaction. SexInfo - A site devoted entirely to accurate and current information about sexual health. Sexual Health Blog - Blog on how improve sexual activity, contraception, and sex. Sex on the Brain Blog - Weblog providing advice and data related to sexual fulfillment and health. Center for the Intimate Arts - Sheri Winston's sex-positive learning center offering including in-person and on-line classes, workshops and books. - Sex advice and tips for couples along with sassy and free eCards. Ask Dan and Jennifer - Dating, love, and sex tips and advice from Dan and Jennifer. Includes lots of videos, articles and a forum. Dr. Jenn's Den - Dr. Jenn hosts the free video podcast series about sexuality and relationships. Finding the Doorbell - Promotes the book "Finding the Doorbell" by Cindy Pierce and Edie Thys Morgan. Sweet Talk - Dating Advice - Contemporary dating, relationship, and sex advice in the official weblog of Flavor Connect. Dr Eve - Sexual advice and suggestions from a sexuality clinician and educator in South Africa. - Sex and Relationships - Advice for young adults on a wide variety of sexual issues. Relationships - - Advice on marriage, dating, sex, love, and friendship.
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