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This is a category for sites that deal with the discussion of sexual activities and practices. However, explicit sites dealing with adult subject matter must be placed in the "Adult" section.
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Jackinworld - A resource about male masturbation that includes news, forums, FAQs, articles, and surveys. The Tickling Media Forum - Tickling community forum, chat and tickling related stories. Friends with Benefits on NPR Talk of the Nation - Discussion about of the terms 'friend with benefits', 'hooked up' and other sexual slang. [32:49 streaming audio broadcast] Asexuality Visibility and Education Network - Dedicated to building a community around those who do not experience sexual attraction. LifeStyle Education - Education and counseling regarding dominance and submission (DS), and sadomasochism (SM). SoloTouch - Educational information about human sexuality in general and masturbation in particular. Wikipedia - Masturbation - Offers information on the etymology, health information, psychological effects and history of masturbation. Celibrate - Celebrating Celibacy - Celebrating celibacy and offering support, encouragement and reassurance to virgins, asexuals and those practicing chastity. Male Chastity Blog - Advice about the practice of male chastity and orgasm denial within a marriage. Sex Survey - A survey gathering and reporting sexual statistics. Masturbation, Relationships, Honesty - Addresses topics regarding honesty, common self-love routines and relationship advice for males and females. Ranai - Kink Resources Directory - A directory of websites on kink, fetishes, sexuality and relationships. International Association for the Study of Sexuality, Culture and Society - Non-profit association concerned with the social and cultural study of sexuality. How to be a Sugar Daddy - Tips and practical advice for those interested in the sugar daddy lifestyle. Take the Red Pill - Forum and blog focusing on the sex lives of married men. The BDSM Training Academy - Dedicated to expanding and growing awareness of BDSM. Littlespace Online - A community forum for Ddlg, Mdlb, ABDL, Cgl, Daddy dom, adult babies, and other ageplay dynamics. Alternative Lifestyles and Fetish Guide - BDSM, kinks and fetishes are explained by those who live the lifestyle. Includes events calendar, DIY dungeon guides and bedtime stories. Bountiful Fruits - Information, education, and advice on Adult Nursing Relationships.
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