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Meditation is a practice with wide reaching roots in many religions as well as general health and stress reduction. Although meditation often has connections to faiths or belief systems, these are not necessary and indeed can be misleading. Meditation does not require a teacher, guru or specific faith any more than it should be limited by having any of these things.
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Enlightening Elastomeric Experiences - About resonators (inflatables) for meditation, yoga and spiritual development, rubber information and mystical aspects. Meditation Expert - Offers books regarding a melding of Eastern and Western teachings on meditation techniques, stages of spiritual growth, metaphysical phenomena, and personal development. Meditation Society of Australia - Lists meditation groups in Australia. Also offers downloads, a forum, shopping, and an online meditation course. Erowid Meditation Vault - Information and links about various methods of meditation. Meditation - An article By Dr Tom J. Chalko explaining the process and stressing the need for a spiritual teacher. Learn To Meditate - An overview of the different types of Meditation. Meditation is Easy - Provides knowledge of meditation in a simple language. Includes a collection of meditation techniques and various tips for stress-free life. Intuition in Service - About the independent, non-profit programme to help in the awakening of the intuition, and highlight its role in the creation of a better world, through meditation and prayer. Wikipedia: Meditation - An introduction to different traditions, forms, techniques, and benefits. Includes links to other resources. Learn To Meditate - Describes the technique and its benefits, and provides a reading list. Yoga Journal: Meditation - Medical research shows meditation helps treat heart disease, and cancer. Ask the Zen Dog - Offers meditational pointers. History of meditation, its benefits and techniques. Vishvas Foundation - Conducts Meditation classes and social service camps. Virtual-Meditation.Com - Free Guided Meditation Techniques. The Meditation Podcast - Free access designed to help people benefit from meditation in everyday life. Meditation and Spirituality - About meditation experiences of spiritual people. Lucis - Meditation - All about Meditation. Open Dharma - Offers Meditation retreats.
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