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Jainism is one of world's oldest religions. Revitalized by Mahavira / Mahaveer 2500 years ago, Non violence or Ahimsa, Meditation and Yoga are inherent to Jain beliefs and teachings. Its goal is to attain Moksha or Nirvana.
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Shri Mahavir Jain Aradhana Kendra - Koba - Pilgrim place of Lord Mahavir and largest Jain Library having manuscripts and books on Indology, Jainlogy. Jainism Potpourri - Topics on Jainism at Kamat's Potpourri; includes Jain arts, architecture, monuments, and a brief introduction to Jainism. Jainworld - Combines the aspirations of Jains around the globe and is being positioned to link various aspects of their lives, cutting across all barriers. Jainfriends - includes philosophy and information on the Jain community. Jain Festivals - Listing of each festival, with links to other calendars. Jainism Simplified - Jain concepts explained in a easy to read question-answer format. Jain Temples in the U.S. - Each U.S. state is listed, along with the Jain temples in the state (if any). Jainism Links - Huge collection of categorized links. Essence of Jainism - Reference library of original Jain literature translated into modern languages. Jain Samaj - Information on the temples, saints, matrimonial services, celebrities, associations, organisations and Jain literature. Members and business directory. Jain Association - A global jain organisation. Sacred-Texts: Jainism - English translations of the Akaranga Sutra and Kalpa Sutra, primary texts of Jainism. Terapanthonline - Information about Jainism, Terapanth, Anuvrat, Prekshan Dhyan, Tirthankaras, Jeevan Vigyan, Science of Living, Jain Vishwa Bharti, and Terapanth Acharyas. Jain Matrimonial - A free site for the Jains in India and abroad. Provides free wedding planner, and wedding calaculator. Jain History - Articles on the history of Jainism with a discussion group for those interested in related subjects. Jainism - Gives information about the religion and its history. Jinvani - Philosophy, pilgrimage, books, history, and links. Jain Shala - A gateway to gain knowledge about Jainism.
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