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Hymns are primarily songs sung by congregations in worship. Unlike "anthems", the music is short--2 to 12 lines or so, with 4 to 8 lines being most common--and the text is divided into stanzas, with the music repeated for each stanza. There is some content overlap with the "Gospel Music" category, which is more oriented toward "concert to audience" performance. "Chant," a very distinct musical style, is a separate category. "Carols"--a similar style with overlapping content, but more social than congregational in use--may be found either here or in the related "Carols" category. "Anthems" don't really have a home yet. Sites may contain hymn texts (lyrics), music written or used for hymns (midi files; or scores in graphic or other format) historical information about the origin or use of this music (hymnology); advertisements for hymnals, recordings, or indexes; indexes/links to printed or internet resources. Site descriptions begin with bracketed keywords including type of content (midi, scores, lyrics, links, indexes, hymnology); Hymnal names; styles (shape notes); denomination or nation (Baptist, Wesleyan, Lutheran, Canada, England, etc.) [feedback on the keywords--value or implementation--is welcome!]
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Oremus Hymnal - [1800+ lyrics; 900+ MIDIs; Episcopal/Anglican] Texts and tunes from 21 Anglican hymnals worldwide; hymn, tune, hymnal, liturgical, and lectionary indexes. Hymns of the Christian Church - [40 lyrics] From the Harvard Classics Library. HymnSite - [500 lyrics; 300 midi; links; indexes; interaction: mailing list] public domain material from "United Methodist Hymnal, 1989", "The Standard Psalm Tune Book" (Henry E. Dibdin, 1851), and Isaac Watts' metrical psalter. Split Infinity Music - [100 lyrics; 50 midi; inc. 10 carols] Song planning software; Song database program with automatic chord transposition; Commercial midi file creation and arrangement service. The Singing School at Abilene Christian University - Offers training in Songwriting, Singing, and Public Worship Leadership. The Calvin Hymnary Project - A browsable index including the Dictionary of North American Hymnology; full content of over 20 hymnals, hymn collections, or handbooks including texts, media files, or background information for thousands of hymns. Center for Church Music - Includes several dozen hymns: text, MIDI and sheet music, with notes; schedule of radio programs featuring singing. The Cyber Hymnal - Includes over 8500 hymns integrated with lyrics, "autoplay" midi, author and composer biographies. Hymn Gems - Page images of 1919 book by Robert Elmer Smith: topically arranged stanzas from hymns. Association of Lutheran Church Musicians - Dedicated to strengthening the proclamation of the Gospel through music and the practice of worship among Lutherans in North America.
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