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Personal homepages about Buddhism.
Sites [ Submit ] - A site for critical and thoughtful reflection upon the traditions and teachings of Buddhism. Dhamma Corner - Features Buddhist principles, issues and history. Also consists of quotes and other Buddhist links. Leow Chee Ming's Homepage - Personal interests in Buddhism. Buddhism Depot - Buddhism information (introduction, scriptures), discussion, chat. Prayer to Kuan Yin - A prayer to the Bhodisattva Kuan Yin, and includes links to other sites that teach a little about her. Purify Our Mind - Help us control upgrade ourselves deal with different situations build up utmost wisdom understand world universe dispel depression engage self cultivation start life anew. Present Moment - A record of Buddhist meditation in the form of a weblog. freedom for all - An Irreverent Buddhist comments on the World. Campaigning for political and economic reform to end thirty thousand needless child deaths every day. That's just the start. The buddha is my dj - Weblog about life, the media and pop-culture, politics, religion, and of course the Buddha and Buddhism. Jayarava Rave - Reflections, commentary, and opinion from a more or less Buddhist point of view by a non-sectarian Western Buddhist. Vincent Lai - Pure Land Buddhism - Namo Amituofo - Vincent Lai's personal page on Pure Land Buddhism Stonepeace : Moonpointer Buddhist Blog - Somewhat enlightening and entertaining reflections on the path to the natural unshakable peacefulness of a stone zanwat : the weblog - just a weblog ... (Buddhist) The Angry Buddhist - Rembember... No Matter How Angry I Get - I am always holding back Zen Filter - "Zen Buddhist websites, news, and discussion" a kind of meta-weblog of many things Buddhist Notes From a Life in Progress - Psychobabble, poetry, prose, pontification (and occasionally politics and pictures)as practiced by an aspiring Buddha and chaser of The Muse. The Whole Wide World Of Fat Buddha! - Musings of a misanthropic Birmingham City loving social worker. Links, links and more links with a bit of moaning in between. Thoughts Chase Thoughts - They certainly do! Treat yourself to some in-depth Buddhist philosophising and debate. The Lotus Throne of the IronBuddha - A site for sharing Buddhist ideas, experiences, and awareness. Through interaction we can hope to bring order out of chaos for all sentient beings. ShanT's Website - Photos, stories, politics, and spiritual quests. Jack/Zen - A zen affirmation of life from an intention of humility, gratitude, and mindfulness. Tibetan Buddhism - Discusses issues around Tibetan Buddhism in the western world, and Buddhism in general.
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