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About marriage: getting married, and maintaining a married relationship.
Sites [ Submit ] - Resources for married adults, with advice, opinions, and humor. The Surrendered Wife - Information on the book and workshop "The Surrendered Wife: A Woman's Spiritual Guide to True Intimacy with a Man" Marriage - Useful links, and weekly feature articles on making your marriage the best it can be. Chat room and bulletin board also onsite. From 1st Spot Marriage - Resources on marriage, cultural forms, divorce, children, and the enrichment of marriage. True Love Does Exist - Web site about true love, marriage, friendship, and women. Personal site with messageboard style. Marriage Anniversary Ideas - Wedding anniversary traditional and modern gift lists. Ideas for romance and a second honeymoon. Celebrate Love and Relationships - Designed to help people fit the pieces of the relationship puzzle together in a healthy way. - Deals with open talk on married life, dating, love relations, divorce, enhancing quality of romance and love. Messageboards. Marriage at BellaOnline - Articles, chat and a forum for couples looking for resources about marriage and related issues. Engagements - All engaged couples are welcome. Open Marriage - A forum about a committed marital relationship that allows for intimate or secondary friendships. Whether you are in one and can give advice, or you are curious, input welcome from anyone discussing the topic objectively. 2-in-2-1 - Marriage support and advice. Shape, enrich, maintain or repair your marriage. Marriage Partner - Discuss issues and solutions to suffering from troubled relationships. A Happy Married Life: A Buddhist Perspective - Explores the social, moral, cultural, and individual aspects of partnerships. By Ven. K. Sri Dhammananda. The Marriage Spirit - Site of Drs. Evelyn and Paul Moschetta on their successful seven step counselling plan in The Marriage Spirit book. Why I'll Never Marry - For my mother, and anyone curious.
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