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Communist Party of Greece - The CPG calls for Greece to withdraw from NATO and calls for the construction of socialism in Greece along Marxist-Leninist lines. Site is mulitlingual and includes an English translation of its programme and other information. Communist Party of India (Marxist) - An introduction on the CPI(M); updates on its policy, positions and activities and program and links to its journal the people's democracy, Ganashakti and Deshabhimani. Communist Party of Great Britain - Communist organization which seeks to unite the Marxist and revolutionary left in a single party. Publishes the Weekly Worker, archives of which are on the website. Worker-communist Party of Iran - A Marxist party of Iranian exiles. South African Communist Party - Founded in 1921, the SACP is a partner with the African National Congress. Communist Party of Aotearoa - Aims at the revolutionary overthrow of the New Zealand capitalist class and its replacement with a government of workers. Communist Party of Ireland / Pairti Cumannach na h'Eireann - The all-Ireland workers' party founded in 1933. Revolutionary Workers Party - Philippines - Marxist Leninist Party that employs a variety of tactics including armed struggle and parliamentary struggle to abolish the present corrupt and moribund system in the Philippines and achieve peace for Filipinos. Rejects "Maoist and Stalinist deviations." The Israeli Communist Forum - Founded in 1999, the ICF is an orthodox Communist split from the Communist Party of Israel. Fightback - A socialist political party which aims to build a new political movement based on workers' interests.
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