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Discussion forums / message boards on the subject of politics.
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Political Hotwire - Discussion forum for a broad range of political topics, including US and world politics, labor, philosophy, history, and economics. The Politics Forum - International and domestic politics, news and current affairs discussion forum. Political Forums - Boards discussing various hot topics. Political Roundtable - Forum for discussion and debate of political issues. - Active message board covering a wide range of social and political topics. Defending The Truth - Debate and discussion of political topics and current events. Revolutionary Left - Community for radical leftists. Discussion thread include politics, history, political theory, and philosophy. US Politics Online - Long running political discussion forum, covering US government and politics, as well as social and cultural affairs. House of Politics - Political forum. US and world politics. Business and economics, culture and religion, and science and technology. Debate Politics - Non partisan political forum discussing current events in the world. Global Affairs - International political and current affairs discussion forum. Also features areas on science and technology, religion and society and culture. Politics - Discussion board with an international theme, covering political parties and movements, social issues, and government organizations. Just Plain Politics - Discussing international current events and news. Also includes conspiracy theories, sports and hobbies. Deep Politics Forum - Discussion on political and current events and affairs. With dedicated forums on topics such as 911, human trafficking, propaganda and the environment. Political Groove - Discussion forum, social group and blog. Focussing on politics, current affairs and the latest news. Politics Of The People - British and international political discussion community. Also features forums on literature, news and satire. Serious Topics - Political and economic discussion forum. Political Fray - Discussion on news, current events, economics, philosophy and religion. Billy Bragg Forums - Political discussion focusing on UK and US politics. Political World - Discussions primarily focusing on Irish news, politics and current events. Also features international topics. Conflicting Views - American and world politics. Also features discussions on the economy, religion, philosophy, history and social issues. Debate Policy - Featuring political discussion focussing on the United States. Also provides forums on international events, the war on terror and religion. Democracy Forums - Discussion and debate centering around politics, religion, and current events. Discussion World Forum - A discussion community with a focus upon current events, world affairs, politics, philosophy, history, religion, economics, entertainment, environment, sociology, science and literature.
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