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Meadows Foundation - Addresses basic human needs, the environment, and cultural enrichment, primarily in Texas. Describe current programs and funding priorities, with financial and staff information. American Council of Learned Societies - Private non-profit federation of sixty-one national scholarly organizations. The mission of the ACLS, as set forth in its constitution, is to "advance humanistic studies in all fields of learning in the Humanities and the related social sciences and to maintain and strengthen relations among the national societies devoted to such studies." National Trust for Historic Preservation - Preservation information, features, events and activism for America's historic places. Tiger Woods Foundation - The foundation supports programs that encourage youth to dream big dreams, engage the community in helping youngsters pursue their goals, and ensure young people's access to developmental opportunities in society. National Endowment for the Humanities - Agency of the US government dedicated to supporting research, education, preservation, and public programs in the humanities. They describe criteria for various granting programs, with information on past projects. Nancy Graves Foundation - Established in 1996 through a provision of the artist's Last Will and Testament to give grants to individual artists. Z. Reynolds Foundation - Funds projects that accomplish systemic reform and have North Carolina-wide impact. Features history, focus areas, awards information, application guidelines. The Rose Hills Foundation - Makes grants to nonprofit agencies serving Southern California, particularly the San Gabriel Valley and East Los Angeles, in the areas of arts and culture, civic and community services, education, community-based health programs, and the advancement of knowledge. Grant guidelines provided. Rahima Charitable and Educational Organization - Established to serve the needy, the less fortunate, and those requiring assistance; to take care of their immediate needs; and then to help them get back on their feet and become productive members of society. Its main focus is in San Francisco Bay Area, California. LEF Foundation - Group supporting the creation and presentation of contemporary work in the fields of visual art, performing art, new media, literary art, architecture and design. History, guidelines, funding deadlines, and contact details. Archstone Foundation - For issues related to older people in the US. Contains information about types of projects funded, news and publications. Gill Foundation - Considers grant applications from lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender and allied organizations in non-urban areas, as well as HIV/AIDS organizations and Colorado cultural groups. Boston Foundation for Architecture - Supports public education programs in Massachusetts related to design and the built environment; includes grant application and list of past recipients. Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust - Funds education, medical and scientific research, and youth programs, primarily in Iowa and Illinois. Describes history, specific funding interests, and application process. Katharine Matthies Foundation, The - Supports programs that meet social and community needs for tax-exempt, nonprofit organizations in the towns of Seymour, Oxford, Beacon Falls, Ansonia and Derby. Presents previous recipients, application guidelines, submission requirements, and geographic focus. The Horizon Foundation - Promotes and enhances the health and wellness of Howard County, Maryland. Includes foundation information, mission, grants, news, initiatives, and publications. The Chesapeake Bay Trust - Nonprofit organization that provides financial support grants to civic and community organizations, schools and volunteer groups for Chesapeake Bay restoration and education projects in Maryland. The Abell Foundation - Baltimore, Maryland. About the endowment, programs funded, publications and research, special programs, news and contact information. Scott and Helen Nearing: The Vermont Experiment Symposium - Learn about Scott Nearings activism during this educational symposium, June 22, 2002 at Stratton, Vermont. Morgan Family Foundation - Describes program goals and grant application process. Focus areas are youth, education, environment, and stewardship. The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation - The foundation's programs and interests fall into the following areas: science and technology, standard of living and economic performance, education and careers in science and technology, and selected national issues and civic programs. The Annie E. Casey Foundation - Devoted to helping disadvantaged children, their families, and their neighborhoods. The Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation - Concentrates on assisting people in the southern United States to build communities - just and caring communities - that nurture people, spur enterprise, bridge differences, foster fairness and promote civility. The W. M. Keck Foundation - The foundation's grantmaking is focused primarily on the areas of medical research, science, and engineering. The foundation also maintains a program for liberal arts colleges and a Southern California Grant Program that provides support in the areas of civic and community services, health care and hospitals, precollegiate education, and the arts. Pacific Northwest Foundation - Focuses on unique medical/dental health issues. Includes how to give, and self evaluations of nonprofit boards of directors. The Frank Stanley Beveridge Foundation, Inc. - Private family foundation which supports corporations, trusts, community chests (united ways), funds or foundations organized and operated exclusively for religious, charitable, scientific, literary, or educational purposes, or for the prevention of cruelty to children; such persons as the directors deem proper, to be used for the benefit of poor, needy, and deserving persons to enable such persons to become self-supporting or to become more useful citizens; and such persons as the directors deem proper, to be used for the advancement or promotion of science, learning, medicine, surgery, literature, music, art or human welfare. The Bonner Foundation - The Foundation allocates its resources to two primary projects: the Bonner Scholars Program, a community service scholarship program supporting 1500 students at 24 colleges and universities; and the Crisis Ministry Program, which supports faith-based anti-hunger initiatives. Edyth Bush Charitable Foundation - Supports various needy charitable, educational, health services and cultural organizations, mainly in Florida. McKnight Foundation - Minnesota foundation working to strengthen communities, families and individuals. Provides news items, application details, entities funded, and current issues. Blowitz-Ridgeway Foundation - Founded with the proceeds from the sale of Chicago's Ridgeway Hospital, a nonprofit psychiatric facility focusing on low-income adolescents. One of its primary funding areas is the support of nonprofit agencies which provide medical, psychiatric and psychological care to economically disadvantaged children and youth, thereby continuing the original mission of the hospital. Brown Foundation - Supports education, community service and the arts, primarily in Houston and Texas. Provides annual report and funding criteria. Sid Richardson Foundation - Education, health, human services, and the arts, in Texas. Provides foundation history, information on application process, and reports on education in the state. Bread and Roses Community Fund - A partnership of donors and activists committed to supporting social change in the Delaware Valley. Foundation for the Mid South - makes grants "to build the capacity of communities, organizations, and individuals" throughout the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Marguerite Casey Foundation - Funds efforts to assist parents, caregivers and youth be active, engaged, and empowered members of society. Describes priorities and approach, lists current grantees, and offers research and evaluation resources. San Diego Foundation for Change - Promotes change by funding and supporting small and/or emerging community-led grassroots organizations working for social, economic and environmental justice in San Diego County and the Tijuana, Mexico border region. The Marion I. & Henry J. Knott Foundation - Funds Baltimore-area nonprofits, including capital campaigns and operating expenses. Describes application process, and lists previous recipients. The Aaron and Lillie Straus Foundation - Focuses on Baltimore, Maryland, in the areas of Jewish community services, fragile families, and nonprofit infrastructure. Describes history and grant application process. Toby Wells Foundation - San Diego. Presents guiding principles, funding and submission guidelines, and general information regarding the foundation. Kronkosky Charitable Foundation - Various programs including prevention of cruelty to animals. Provides program information, grant application on-line, and evaluation tools. Giving limited to Bandera, Bexar, Comal, and Kendall counties in Texas. Donald W. Reynolds Foundation - National grants in the areas of journalism, aging care, and cardiovascular research, as well as special regional initiatives. Provides application guidelines, current financial report and list of grantees, and history of founder. The Gladys Brooks Foundation - Purpose is to provide for the intellectual, moral and physical welfare of the people of this country by establishing and supporting non-profit libraries, educational institutions, hospitals and clinics. TKF Foundation - Gives to open spaces, sacred places and community greening projects that nurture the human spirit and foster a sense of community in greater Washington, D.C., Annapolis, Maryland, and Baltimore, Maryland. Grand Victoria Foundation - Illinois. Describes grant programs focused on Elgin and on the state, with history of the organization. The Joyce Foundation - Environmental and economic development issues in the Great Lakes area, as well as campaign finance reform. Provides information about each program area. The William Bingham Foundation - The foundation furthers the charitable purposes of its founder, Elizabeth Bingham Blossom, in the fields of education, health and human services, science, and the arts; seeks to strengthen civil society and its institutions; works for a world that is environmentally self-sustaining; educates family members and others in the values and practices of philanthropy, community service, and stewardship; and seeks to build a sense of community among ourselves and with the world we share. The James Irvine Foundation - Goal is to expand opportunity for Californians, with grantmaking in education, economic development, civic engagement, and creativity. Describes grant programs and publications, with links to state data and analysis. Topfer Family Foundation - Describes grant programs for organizations serving children, youth and adults in the Chicago and Austin areas, with application and reporting process and list of previous recipients. Luther I. Replogle Foundation - Describes specific funding priorities, which include disadvantaged children, supportive housing, archaeology, and geography, with a list of recent grantees and financial information. Fund for Southern Communities - Public charity funding organizations working for social change in Georgia and the Carolinas. Provides grant application, list of grantees, and information on fundraising events. Joe W. & Dorothy Dorsett Brown Foundation - Their focus is on south Louisiana, the New Orleans area and the Mississippi Gulf Coast, in the issue areas of service learning, medical research, and basic human needs. they briefly describe each area, and provide a grant application. Open Meadows Foundation - Makes grants to small organizations for projects led by women and girls. They provide their application, with lists of previous grantees. Jenifer Altman Foundation - Private foundation which funds environmental health programs, as well as groups in Bolinas, California. They list grantees and provide application guidelines. Special Hope Foundation - Funds nonprofit organizations with innovative programs for physically, mentally, and developmentally disabled children and adults. They provide application guidelines and a list of previous grantees. Park Foundation - Provides funding guidelines and application procedures for higher education scholarships as well as grants in media and the environment. McCormick Tribune Foundation - Supports work in journalism, communities, citizenship, and education. Lists current grantees with information on granting goals and application requirements, with descriptions of the Cantigny and the Cantigny First Division Foundations. American Bar Foundation - Nonprofit, independent national research institute committed to basic empirical research on law and legal institutions. Otto Bremer Foundation - The mission of the foundation is to be an accessible and responsible financial resource to aid in the development and cohesion of communities within the states of Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, and Montana, with preference given to those communities served by the affiliates of Bremer Financial Corporation. The Pew Charitable Trusts - Committed to the same fundamental values that guided the founders' lives: encouraging individual growth and potential; improving the quality of people's lives; maintaining and nurturing our democratic traditions; ensuring an educated and engaged citizenry; protecting religious freedom; and assisting and supporting those in need. Walton Family Foundation - Funds programs in specific areas of K-12 education, delta and northwest Arkansas, and restoration of marine and fresh water ecosystems. They provide detailed guidelines, a list of previous recipients, and links to information on their interest areas. Resist, Inc. - For more than 30 years, Resist has funded progressive organizations in the United States that are actively part of a movement for social change.
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