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Society/People/Missing_People/Locator_Services are commercial services and private researchers that provide professional assistance, usually for a fee, to aid in locating missing people. Records search firms and people locator services have different levels of expertise and may use different resources than law enforcement agencies and licensed private investigators who are categorized elsewhere.
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Intelius - Searches database records to assist locating people. Includes background and criminal checks and provides reverse phone number lookup. Fee based. USA Trace - National investigative database searches to help locate people and other information on individuals. - Provides online investigative solutions including background checks, license plate searches, reverse phone lookups and public records access across the United States. Champion & Champion - Research specializing in unknown and missing heirs. Certified documentation, legal reports, due diligence. Amerifind: Find People Service - Find missing friends or family living in the United States. Peoplesearch24 - Fee based service for finding missing persons in Germany or Austria. Order forms, about page and contact information. American Research Bureau (ARB) - International probate researchers identify and find missing heirs and unknown heirs. People Search Tracing Services - Karen Bali runs a UK based professional tracing service. She is a trained genealogist. Find missing friends and relatives. Family research carried out. - They operate a specialist documentation service acquiring birth, death and marriage certificates from the appropriate UK government offices or relevant England or Wales court. Tracing Your Roots - Provides a family tracing service, including searching for those people who have been adopted. Wirral, United Kingdom. Yasni - A fee based search. Lost Kin Research - A site dedicated to help find lost friends and family in Australia and New Zealand. Searches carried out by a professional people finders with access to the latest records available. PeopleSearch-UK - Offers documentation for finding people for free. National Missing and Unidentified Persons System - Provides free opportunity for families, law enforcement agencies and investigators to search nationwide for missing persons., Video Locators - Provides free video service those who need help finding lost family, loved ones and those who want to help. Trace Express - Agency who specialise in the tracing and finding of persons within the UK People Finder UK - Specialists in locating people in the UK for a wide range of reasons including debtors, ex-tenants and family and lost friends. MCA Tracing Services - A nationwide debtor tracing service which identifies and tracks down individuals. - Deadbeat dad and child support enforcement links UK Electoral Roll Search - An instant access gateway to both current and historic UK Electoral Roll information. Ideal to assist with genealogical studies, it is also a powerful people tracing tool. - Locate anyone anywhere in the USA. Obtain background checks, court records, license plate info, cell phone traces, asset checks and credit reports. Advanced Background Checks - Subscription database enables you to find people and information about them. Web Investigator - Online subscription database and background check tool for locating or obtaining information on a specific individual. Title Research - Locates missing heirs and next of kin for estate administration. Find People in Greece - Online service for finding people in Greece. ContactofIndia - A fee based search for Indian people, giving email, telephone number and addresses.
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