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An expatriate is a person who has either renounced allegiance to his or her native country,
or voluntary exiled him or herself from the native country.
Websites about what it is like to leave a country, or advice on emigration, are listed
in the appropriate Nationality category.
Websites with resources for expatriates in the destination country are listed according to
the continent and country (regardless of origin) under  Society: People: Expatriates: Expatriate Life.
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Easy Expat - Information for people who wish to organize their departure abroad as well as expatriates who want to set up a new life in a new country. Messageboards available. - Resource offering country profiles, business and finance, money, politics, IT, lifestyle and expatriate activities. Interaction International - Global service and support network for individuals involved in trans-culture issues, studies, and research. Transitions Abroad - Provides practical information for international travelers looking to work, study, or live abroad. Expat Exchange - Newsletter for people living abroad. Forums by country or for women, men, techies, military and retirees. iAgora - Virtual community for people who live, study, or work abroad. Offers essays of personal experiences, news, humor, forums, chat, practical information, and resources. US-UK Couples N Families - Discussion of immigration issues and experiences for US-UK couples. Expats Power - Discussion group for expats working away from home in the power industry on overseas assignments or looking for a job. Tales from a Small Planet - The literary and humor magazine for expatriates worldwide offering reviews of major cities, forums, and resources. Expat Expert - Offers information for those living, moving, or returning home from extended stays abroad. Expat Focus - Country guides, articles, expat experiences, regular columnists, expat financial services and a monthly newsletter. - Classified ads, resource directory, and discussion board for expatriates. International Living - Articles, news, classifieds, home swaps, and information on retirement, real estate, living abroad. Expat Today - Includes information on conditions of expatriation, employment, returning home, and finances. International Couples - Forum discussion among international couples sharing ideas worldwide, exchanging experiences and providing information about relationships. Expat Interviews - Interviews with people living outside their home countries. Topics include what motivated them to live abroad, how they generate their income, and what they’ve learned from their experiences. Shelter Offshore - Expatriate publication featuring articles on buying property, investing, and living and working abroad. - Share your expat experience the worldwide online expatriate community. Free weblog, directory, resources, forum for expatriates. Personal Mail International, Inc - A commercial package and mail forwarding service for individuals and corporations. Includes company profile and FAQ.
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