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Organizations engaged in several initiatives for funding and promoting dissemination of knowledge, in particular access to scientific resources. Visit for overview material appropriate as a starting point to learn about open access, but keep in mind this generality: "Open-access (OA) literature is digital, online, free of charge, and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions."
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The Open Knowledge Foundation - Not-for-profit organization promoting open knowledge. Includes information on its various database projects, events, a blog, and how to get involved and provide support. International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications - INASP. Its mission is to enhance the flow of information within and between countries, especially those with less developed systems of publication and dissemination. Public Library of Science - PLoS. Non-profit organization of scientists committed to making the world's scientific and medical literature freely accessible to scientists and to the public around the world. Promotion of free access online journals and eprints archives. International Consortium for the Advancement of Academic Publication (ICAAP) - Technological support for the delivery of scholarly content. Develops protocols for the delivery of scholarly content, provides software for journal management and publication, hosts a database of free scholarly journals and resources. Book Aid International - Provides books to libraries, hospitals, refugee camps and schools in order to support literacy, education, training and publishing in over 40 countries around the world. Concentrates over 85% of its resources on 13 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. The Essential Electronic Agricultural Library (TEEAL) - A full-text and bibliographic CD-ROM library of over 140 of the world's most important scientific journals in the field of agriculture. It is available well below cost to over 100 of the lowest-income food deficit countries, as listed in the World Bank's World Development Report. International Institute for Communication and Development (IICD) - Assists developing countries to realise locally owned sustainable development by harnessing the potential of information and communication technologies (ICTs). Open Knowledge Definition - Provides criteria for openness in relation to data, content, and software services. Open Access - Gathers information from many sources and bundles it thematically for presentation to various target groups. English and German language. Open Society Foundations - Promotes the development and maintenance of open societies around the world through an array of activities dealing with educational, social, legal, and health care reform. Access to Global Online Research in Agriculture - Provides access to over 500 journals from major scientific publishers in the fields of food, agriculture, environmental science and related social sciences. AGORA is available to students and researchers in qualifying not-for-profit institutions in eligible developing countries.
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