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This category is for sites on warfare and conflict in the Great Lakes region of Africa, specifically the fighting in and around the Democratic Republic of Congo as well as the involvement of neighboring countries, in the late 1990's.
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BBC News: Interactive Map - Explains which countries are involved in the conflict in Congo and why. Global Policy Forum: Democratic Republic of Congo - Key documents by UN and security council, articles from the World Press and links. A Report from Congo - Background and current status of the war, by the Economist. Congo Civil War - Overview, information on the combatant groups, maps and links. BBC News - Mugabe's Unpopular War - Story and links about domestic responses to the Congo war. BBC News - DR Congo conflict - Chronology of the struggle for control of the Democratic Republic of Congo, with links to key stories from BBC News online's coverage. BBC News | Mugabe's Costly Congo Venture - Story and links about Zimbabwe's involvement in the civil war in the DRC. BBC News - Rights group warns on DR Congo - A human rights report by the group African Rights warns of an increasingly desperate situation for people living in the east of DR Congo. BBC News - Zimbabwe Accused of Economic Colonialism - Story and links about the nature of Zimbabwe's role in Congo war. Congolese Rally for Democracy (RCD) - History of the rebel group that operated in the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo 1998-2002. Democratic Republic of Congo - Political background to the DRC conflict. Multinationals in Scramble for Congo's Wealth - Summary of a UN report on multinational companies who help to plunder the resources of the war-torn country. The Guardian, UK.
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