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This category covers the policy of nations towards the civil war in Afghanistan, including geopolitics and economic interests.
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Jackpot Afghanistan - Gas and Oil from Central Asia - Article in Blue Print Magazine on natural gas and oil from Central Asia. Considers exploitation and transportation and outside interests. Global Policy Forum: Afghanistan - Security Council resolutions and other UN documents, a collection of articles, archive and links. Crisis of Impunity - the Role of Pakistan, Russia, and Iran in Fueling the Civil War - The essay published by Human Rights Watch in July 2001 explains the involvement of foreign nations in the conflict. Media Monitors Network: Afghanistan, the Taliban and the United States - Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed reviews the current crisis in its historical context to comprehend whether Western foreign policy toward the country has been formulated on the basis of humanitarian principles or not. Defense Establishment's Control of US Policy Poses Threat to Afghan Reconstruction - Ahmed Rashid discusses the strong influence of the Department of Defense on US-politics in Afghanistan. Analysis: Pakistan's Tribal Frontiers - The BBC's Rahimullah Yusufzai examines Pakistan's tribal borderlands where reports say Osama Bin Laden could seek refuge. Russia Anxious Over Grip on Oil as US Firms Join Great Game - Discusses Russian and US strategic and economic interests in Central Asia. Ben Aris and Ahmed Rashid for the Daily Telegraph, UK. UK in Afghanistan - Official UK government site from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The West is Walking Away from Afghanistan - Again - The modernising forces are quickly losing ground to the warlords, while western governments refuse to deliver the cash they promised. The Guardian, UK. Bush's War is the New Great Game - Commentary on the current status of the campaign and on Washington's growing need to demonstrate global support and multilateralism. The Guardian, UK.
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