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National School Safety Center - Works to protect the school environment and to maintain an atmosphere where teachers feel safe to teach and students feel safe enough to learn. Other projects include confidential counseling and developing a positive image for law enforcement. Educators for Social Responsibility - A source of curriculum materials and teacher training programs that focus on issues of peacemaking and conflict resolution. OPE Campus Security Statistics - Reported statistics on campus crimes at over 6000 postsecondary education institutions in the United States. From the U.S. Office of Postsecondary Education. Crisis of Violence and Hatred in Today's Schools - Discusses school violence and hatred from the standpoint that it is often ignored or covered up. Writing a book on the subject and searching for a publisher and support. Best Practices of City Governments - Search the United States Conference of Mayors site for what mayors have reported about school violence and prevention programs. Students Against Student Shootings - An organization, committed to trying to prevent these shootings from happening. School Violence - The causes of school bullying and hazing and what can be done about it. Journal of School Violence - Current research, theory, and practice related to prevention of school violence and to intervention when violence occurs. School Terrorism - Analysis of the issues involved with school terrorism and advice for kids and parents. NPR : Talk of the Nation : School Safety vs. Student Rights - In the wake of the Columbine tragedy, students across the country are being disciplined for activities ranging from discussing violent impulses to wearing black clothing. Eleven students in Ohio were suspended for posting satirical essays about reaction to the Columbine shootings on their website. Ray Suarez and guests discuss the tension between protecting schools and protecting students' rights. [46:45 Realaudio broadcast]
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