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Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence (CSPV) - Located at the University of Colorado offers information databases, facts and statistics, links to other resources, critical reviews of literature, technical assistance services, and empirical research. UC Davis Health System - Violence Prevention Research Program - Addressing the causes, nature, and prevention of violence with a current emphasis on the prediction of criminal behavior, the effectiveness of waiting period/background check programs for prospective purchasers of firearms, and the determinants of firearm violence. Provides publications, references and resources. Centre for Research on Violence Against Women and Children - Provides information about the center's current projects and contact information. Link Between Child Maltreatment and Woman Battering - Maintains information on the current research and intervention with families experiencing both child maltreatment and women battering. IDEA - An online journal devoted to the "study of genocide, mass movements, mind control, cults and the abuse of power." Includes related articles, fiction, and reviews. Understanding and Preventing Violence, Volume 1 - Complete text of the book written by members of the Panel on the Understanding and Control of Violent Behavior, National Research Council, U.S. Center for Violence Prevention and Control - Located at the University of Minnesota. Research collaboration and graduate education in Violence Prevention.
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