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Articles and Research: General information on terrorists and their structure. Includes Newspaper and Magazine articles, research by university and organizations. Pro and Con.
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PBS Frontline: Hunting bin Laden - Video clips and accompanying text from investigative documentary on the suspected terrorist mastermind. Extraditions/Renditions of Terrorists to U.S. - United States Department of State provides a list of extradition/renditions of terrorists to the U.S. from 1993 to 1998 The Global Rise of Religious Violence - A review of Mark Juergensmeyer's book "Terror in the Mind of God". Counter Terrorism - Features reports from US State Department Annual Terrorism Report. Reports include security improvements, sanctions and prevention techniques. SATP - Assessment India 2002 - Find information, data and analysis on terrorism and low intensity warfare in India. Thinking About Terrorism - Article from The Atlantic on the discussion of terrorism being dominated by two stereotypes, both of which inhibit effective action. Psychology of Terrorism - A psychological analysis of terrorist and suicide bombers. Library of Congress Federal Research Division: Terrorism and Crime Studies - Official reports including the September 1999 'The Sociology and Psychology of Terrorism: Who Becomes a Terrorist and Why?' study. [PDF] PBS FRONTLINE: Al Qaeda's New Front - Has materials on Al Qaeda today, overview of major terror plots and arrests, special reports, discussions and FAQ. PBS FRONTLINE - Target America - An overview of the development of militant Islamic movements since the 1980's, with a chronology of terrorist acts against Americans and the government's response over the past two decades. PBS FRONTLINE - Son of Al Qaeda - Story of a young Canadian who grew up with bin Laden's children, and was himself groomed to become a terrorist. Instead, he became a CIA informant. Terrorism: A Modern Scourge - Outlines the history of terrorism and ways to combat it in the future. Rand - Countering the New Terrorism - Find an online version of the publication examining origins of attacks against civilian targets and future trends. FBI's Freedom of Information Act Electronic Reading Room - Transcripts of FBI cases which may be of interest to the public. First Monday - Uncloaking Terrorist Networks - Peer-reviewed paper looks at mapping covert networks using data available from news sources on the World Wide Web.
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