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Vermont Livable Wage Campaign - FAQ, analysis of working incomes, organizing and actions, and Information about the economics and politics of raising the state's minimum wage. Dane County Living Wage Campaign - Campaign reports and articles about Dane County's cost of living and wages. Harvard Living Wage Campaign - Campaign to eradicate poverty wages at Harvard University. Includes a comprehensive report on poverty wages at Harvard, with a detailed discussion of the spread low-wage labor on campus, analysis and critique of reforms developed by Harvard, and testimonies of Harvard workers. 'Living wage' Laws Gain Momentum Across US - A new study shows higher incomes from 'living wage' outweigh the cost in job losses. From the Christian Science Monitor. The Jus Semper Global Alliance - Long term sustainable development through The Living Wages North and South Initiative (TLWNSI), a corporate social responsibility program for gradual wage equalization. NPR : Low-Wage America - According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 20 million workers earn less than $9 an hour - not enough to buy the basics in some areas. In a series of special reports, NPR's Noah Adams travels throughout the US to profile the low-income workforce, talking with people about their jobs, their families and their hopes for the future. Campus Living Wage Project - A collection of interviews and information on campus "living wage" campaigns. Includes interviews with student activists and profiles of past campaigns. USAS - National network of student groups working to end sweatshops and other labor abuses.
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