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This category is for sites about free speech as a human right, as well as sites documenting suppression of that right by governments, and webpages about the controversies on what legal restraints on free speech are necessary.
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New Age of Falsification ? - Nature photographers face a crisis of ethics as digital imaging makes photo fakery easier than ever. Overview in Atlantic Monthly of May, 1998. Free Speech Movement Archives - Documents, photos, and essays on the events of the 1964 movement in Berkeley. With updates and reunions. Atheism and Intraorganizational Free Speech (1996) - Michael Martin argues that atheistic organizations should generally allow their members to criticize them. Charlton Heston and Political Correctness - Speech to the Harvard Law School Forum February 16, 1999 on the idea that political correctness is invading our freedom of thought and speech. Freedom of Expression - Freedom Magazine - Perhaps the most essential right is that of communication. Without the freedom to communicate, other rights deteriorate. Off The Hook June 2000 - Twenty-six Hundred dot com pages on challenges to their free speech on hacking computers. : Freedom of Speech in Sports - Article discusses pro baseball player John Rocker's inflammatory racist statements and his right to freedom of expression. There Is 'No Constitutional Protected Right' of Freedom of Speech - Argues that there is no constitutional right of freedom of speech or of press in America since a person could be defamed, sued or boycotted. International Freedom of Expression Exchange (IFEX) - Network of free expression groups that monitors violations worldwide. Issues alerts, publishes a weekly newsletter and hosts a searchable alerts online archive. College Freedom - Blog covering academic freedom, including free speech, freedom of the college press, and current controversies in higher education. U.S. Broadcasters Arrested - Reports that nine alternative media members were arrested during peaceful protests at the National Association of Broadcaster's convention in San Francisco. Low Power to the People - Small groups, nonprofits and individuals might get low power FM radio stations. Rice University Spin Control - A long Houston Press story about the administrative coup d'état that closed down 91.7 FM, KTRU Houston, a college radio station. American Civil Liberties Union - Free Speech - Links to issues such as censorship, campaign finance reform, commercial speech, and flag desecration. The Freedom Forum - A nonpartisan, international foundation advocating free press and speech rights for all people. Holds conferences, educational activities, publishing, broadcasting, online services, fellowships, partnerships, research and other programs.
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