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This category is for health policy organizations and related research and documents. Please do not submit information on commercial health-related services to this category. For example, health insurance companies should submit their sites to the Business/Insurance/ category. Submitting those sites here will only delay their review by the appropriate editor.
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Health Policy Institute of Ohio - An independent, nonpartisan, statewide center that informs Ohio health policy by forecasting health trends, analyzing key health issues, and communicating current research to policymakers, state agencies, and other decision makers. U.S. Health Policy Gateway - Portal site for health policy information on the Web. UCLA Center for Health Policy Research - The UCLA Center for Health Policy Research applies the extensive expertise of faculty and researchers from UCLA's leading professional schools and academic departments to meet the needs of the nation, states, and local communities for health policy-related research and information Georgetown University - Health Policy Institute - Conducts research on health policy and service issues including health care financing, federal health insurance reforms, the quality of care and outcomes research, mental health services research, and the impact of changes in the health care market on providers and patients. Center for State Health Policy, Rutgers University - Center focusing on health services research, public health, health policy and the social sciences with a strong set of applied research and policy analysis initiatives. Institute for Health, Health Care Policy and Aging Research - Interdisciplinary research Institute focusing on local, state and national health care and policy issues. The Commonwealth Fund - The Commonwealth Fund is a private nonpartisan foundation that supports independent research on health and social issues and makes grants to improve health care practice and policy. RAND Health - Research on health and health policy by RAND, a nonprofit public policy institute. Health-Care Reform - A Mindful Approach - A detailed, revolutionary plan is presented by a medical doctor to reform the health-care system by restructuring medical education. The program would be individualized, cost free, and open to any motivated person. Health Care for All (MA) - Massachusetts organization dedicated to making adequate and affordable health care accessible to everyone, regardless of income, social or economic status. National Assembly of Health and Human Service Organizations - An association of national nonprofit health and human service organizations bound by a common concern for the effective delivery of health and human services to the American people, especially those in need. Minnesota COACT (Citizens Organized ACting Together) - A grassroots, nonprofit membership organization that focuses on health care reform and farm policy. The John A. Hartford Foundation - Focuses on increasing the nation's capacity to provide effective and affordable elder care, and concentrates on the practice of health care as the point where policy becomes reality for every older American. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine - A non-profit organization that promotes preventive medicine, encourages higher standards for ethics and effectiveness in research, and advocates broader access to medical services. The Lewin Group - A healthcare policy research and management consulting firm. Harvard Health Caucus at the Harvard Medical School - A student-run interdisciplinary think tank dedicated to thoughtful discourse in health policy. - Works toward advancing the level of debate as to what must be done to solve our growing crisis in health care. Economic Research Initiative on the Uninsured - ERIU - The ERIU is a Robert Wood Johnson-funded research group that studies the economic causes and consequences of lacking health insurance. The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation - News and analysis on health policy topics including managed care, Medicare, Social Security, universal health insurance coverage, and patients rights. National Health Law Program - Comprehensive information on health issues, with a substantive section on child health, including documents, as well as links to numerous other child health sites. New England Healthcare Institute - New England Healthcare Institute (NEHI) is a health policy research organization focused on enabling innovation in health care. M.I.S.S. Foundation's Legislative Reference Site - Information about legislation regarding birth certificates for parents of stillborn children and the 'MISSing Angels Bill'. Ward Health Strategies - Communications firm with a focus on health care issues. Free health-related e-newsletters. The Health Care Blog - Musings about the goings-on in American health care from a general health care consultant. Topics can include policy, health insurers, technology and eHealth, physicians, pharma and anything else that grips the author's fancy. Piper Report - News and commentary of health care issues, including Medicare and Medicaid. Edited by Kevin B. Piper. Death Is Inevitable - Examination of theoretical justifications for coercive public health policies. The Robert Graham Center - Brings a family practice and primary care perspective to health policy deliberations. Alan Katz Health Insurance Blog - A blog for health insurance agents and others written by Alan Katz concerning health care reform and other health insurance related issues Council on Health Care Economics and Policy - The Council, based at Brandeis University, presents the findings of nationally-recognized health policy experts on emerging health policy issues, such as medicare reform, managed care regulation and the uninsured. Investigator Awards in Health Policy Research - This site provides information about Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Investigator Awards program, the investigators who have been funded through the program to conduct broad studies of the most challenging health policy issues facing America, and the results of some of their work on a wide range of topics.
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